Mayweather's Scared: Arum to Open Negotiations with Yuri Foreman

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Mayweather's Scared: Arum to Open Negotiations with Yuri Foreman
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-Lorne Scoggins

Pacquiao promoter, Bob Arum announced today that he will open talks with super-welterweight champion Yuri Foreman. This comes after an offer was made to Mayweather’s camp to allow the Nevada State Athletic Commission to handle the drug testing for the mega-fight. Golden Boy Promotions hasn’t responded to the offer.

Today Arum said, "This is only my opinion, but I don't see the fight happening now. Positions are hardening. I talked to [Pacquiao's advisor], and Manny's fit to be tied. He's very angry." Way to go Floyd.

Let’s try to look at the bright side. Manny Pacquiao could one-up his current world record of having attained 7 world championships in 7 weight divisions, an honor that he alone has managed to achieve. Having 8 weight division titles would put his record 2 places above Oscar De La Hoya who holds 6 weight division titles. De La Hoya’s already bruised ego will likely take yet another blazing straight left.

What about Floyd Mayweather? Most likely he’ll move on to impress the world with his brilliant boxing athleticism against someone he’s certain he can beat without breaking a sweat, proving that he is the greatest ducker of all time. Mayweather’s despicable antics outside the ring may have cost boxing fans the fight the world wants to see.

Who will be next in line to fight Floyd? Nobody knows and frankly if it’s not Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, who cares?

You knew you couldn’t beat him, didn’t you Floyd?

-Lorne Scoggins

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