The All Pro- Athlete Hockey Team

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 22, 2008

Imagine being given the opportunity to put together a hockey team made up of the greatest athletes in the world. These here are my hypothetical picks for the team. Check it out and let me know who you would pick.

1)     Center: Tom Glavine (Baseball)

Everyone knows about Glavine’s accomplishments on the baseball diamond. However, fewer people realize that Tom Glavine was once a coveted NHL draft pick, being selected in the 4th round by the Los Angeles Kings.

2)     Left Wing: Tiger Woods (Golf)

Tiger Woods can hit the hell out of a golf ball, and I feel like he might be able to do the same to a hockey puck. In addition, unlike most golfers, Tiger has the athleticism and drive to succeed in such a rough and demanding sport.

3)     Right Wing: John Grant Jr. (Lacrosse)

John is currently the most dominant as well as most creative left handed scorer in the game of lacrosse. Lax players have a history of succeeding in hockey, and vice versa, so this should be a perfect fit.

4)     Defense: Bruce Bowen (Basketball)

Bruce Bowen is one of the toughest defenders in the game of basketball, a skill that should translate well into defensive play in hockey. In addition, Bowen’s dirty play would be much more acceptable in hockey than it is in basketball.

5)     Defense: Ed Reed (Football)

One of the most feared defensive play makers in football, Ed would undoubtedly strike fear into the opposition’s offense.

6)     Goalie: Emmanuel Yarbrough (MMA)

At over 600 pounds, the world’s largest athletes would literally block the entire goal, more or less. He wasn’t much of a success in the world of MMA, but he could be the perfect fit in the NHL.