Javon Walker Never Should Have Been In Vegas. Period.

Jeff LeetsCorrespondent IJune 22, 2008

The following is a mock interview with Javon and a few reasons why he should of never been in sin city to begin with.



"Didn't your best friend and teammate get killed by gunfire because you were spraying people with champagne in a club?"


"Is it true you were doing the same thing in Vegas at like 330 in the morning?"


"Didn't you just sign a multimillion dollar contract to become the Raider number one go to guy at the wide receiver position?"


"Didn't you show up out of shape and in the process of still rehabilitating your knee?"


"Don't you think that since you are still not in playing shape and your knee is still in the rehab process that you should have been home asleep at that hour getting ready to wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, workout, train and rehab that day?"


"So why be out on a Sunday night in Vegas when the season is around the corner partying and carrying on instead of putting in the work to become the elite talent you can be?"

"Because they gave me millions of dollars."

"OK.  I know that.  But don't you think you should be getting ready for the season and do stuff like that after?"

"Did I tell you I have millions of dollars?"

"Yes Javon.  You did.

"Do you understand what I am saying?  You should have been asleep.  Getting rest.  Getting ready to put work in to help yourself and your new team get back to winning."

"Did I tell you I have millions of dollars?"

"Yes you did Javon.  Many times.  I guess that gives you the right to do whatever you want and do in your eyes?"

"Did I tell you I have millions of dollars?"


"Yes.  Good luck Javon.  Good luck."


Yes I know.  I am the one with the problem.  How could I?  He got jumped.  He was the victim.  He was just partying.  One word.  Timing.  The timing of it all is horrible.  Bad knee, out of shape, season around the corner and this guy is out partying "making it rain on dem ho's" in Vegas when he should of been at home, resting, preparing to work another day to get back into shape.  Instead he is out in Vegas living it up.  Do it after the season Javon.  Hell, even during a bye week.  I understand it's his right but as a coach, fan, father and realist I am cannot stand the fact that it screams "My work ethic is horrible".  I coach 10 year old boys that prepare for the season more then this guy.  It's about being a professional.  Javon and many pro athletes need to understand that. You are paid to do a job and paid well.  On top of that, this is his new employer.  His last employer fired him.  You would think he would be trying to impress.  Trying to set an example for the younger guys to follow.  This is the problem with owners throwing out ridiculous amounts of cash that is guaranteed and not incentive based.  You can do the minimum and still get paid the maximum.  I wish in sports the pay was goal based.  I can guarantee you these guys would be working their butts off and not screwing around as much.  It is what it is though.  It will not change.  So in the mean time we get to hear about these clowns every other week.  Someone please step up and put these guys in check.  Make them understand that you are not invincible.  You need to earn your check.  You need to act like a professional.  Prepare like one.  Train like one.  Act like one.  Hell, be one. 

Oh and by the way, what happens in vegas obviously does not stay in vegas Javon so when lying about the night and early morning partying and the events surrounding it, feel free to think first.  Vegas Hotels have multimillion dollar security and surveilance equipment so if you say you were pulled out of your room, beaten, thrown in a car and robbed feel free to remember that.  None of that was caught on tape.  How convenient.  Man up, act like a professional and use your head.  You are overweight.  You have a bad knee.  You need to be getting ready for the season.  That does not include all nighters in Vegas at strip clubs or anywhere else for that matter.