NFL Season Preview: Cincinnati Bengals

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 21, 2008

The Bengals weren't good last season, but they weren't bad either.  They ended the season 7-9, but they weren't stellar on defense.

So how do they look this season?


Key Addition/Subtraction

Ben Utech TE—From Colts

Odell Thurman LB—Released after suspension


Key Games

Sept. 7, at NFL-Season-Preview-Baltimore-Ravens-190608">Ravens—A win in the opener is big, and scoring a lot on the Ravens stout defense is definitely a confidence booster.

Oct. 5, at Cowboys—Beating an interleague opponent always gives you confidence, especially when the opponent is at the top of their league.

Nov. 20, at Steelers—Division wins are great, and this late in the season, every game counts.

Dec. 7th, at Colts—The Colts are one of the best teams in the NFL, beating them this late in the season could give them momentum going into the playoffs.


Season Outlook

They have made their name on offense, but last season they barely stayed in the Top 10 in offense, being 10th in total offense and 11th in points scored.

Their defense was anything but good, being 27th in total defense and 24th in points allowed.

They continued to have personnel troubles in the off-season, losing Chris Henry to suspension for the season and Odell Thurman being suspended and then released.

Chad Johnson was extremely unpleasant to the Bengals organization, but the front office sort of just said, "yea, we suck, but you get nothing Chad."

Eventually, Chad ended up caving, and, although he is having an ankle surgery, is likely to be ready for the season and will probably start.

This season, the Bengals return a bad rushing game and an average offensive line to the good passing game.

The offense will probably be much of the same, try to get the ball Ocho Cinco or TJ Hoosyamama.

The defense is also going to be bad again, possibly worse than last season.  They aren't going to turn any heads other than by spectacular catches.


Potential Record

This season is going to be much of the same for the diminishing Bengals.  They aren't going to please any of their fans with their play.

I am guessing that they will end up something like 6-10 or 7-9, and another disappointing season.

I'm Joe W.

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