Quick Looks: A Look Back at the Departing Sheik Abdul Bashir

Bill LCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2009

As we know, Sheik Abdul Bashir was the unfortunate recipient of the “Fired” case during the “Feast or Fired” match at Final Resolution this past Sunday.  His TNA contract was immediately terminated at the end of that match.


Some out there may wonder in a match like this if such firings are simply short term storyline exits or if they are completely legitimate firings.  In the case of the Sheik, this departure is legitimate.  He spent a part of his time Sunday evening before the event saying goodbye to fellow colleagues.


We remember Shawn Daivari (his real name) making his first prominent appearance in pro wrestling with the WWE, appearing with Muhammad Hassan in their Arab-American gimmick that fed off of prejudice and racism following the 9/11 attacks.


There were a number of feuds for the pair, most notably with Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels.  It was ultimately some television controversy stemming from an attack on the Undertaker on Smackdown that killed off Hassan’s character, leaving Daivari to work as a singles wrestler.


The segment featured Hassan praying on the ramp, and five masked men attacking the Undertaker.  Unfortunately, it aired at the same time as the terror attacks in London even though it had been taped several days earlier.


Given the timing, UPN asked that Hassan no longer appear on WWE programming on the network as a result of that segment.


The match between the Undertaker and Hassan at the Great American Bash was Hassan’s last with WWE.   Hassan was given “The Last Ride” through the stage and had “suffered serious injuries,” effectively killing off Hassan’s character.


Daivari continued on, as he was involved in story-lines with Kurt Angle and The Great Khali prior to being released from his WWE contract.  He then headed on to the independent circuit, winning the AMW Light Heavyweight Championship in 2008.


He came to TNA in 2008, immediately drawing heel heat by continuing his anti-American gimmick.  He is probably most remembered for his feud with then-referee Shane Sewell while holding the X-Division championship.


According to reports, stories circulating that Daivari requested his release from TNA are false.  The company has apparently made the decision to let him go.  It was reported that he has had a lot of backstage heat on him, and did not get along well with Terry Taylor, the director of talent relations.


Daivari had signed a multi-year contract renewal this summer, but has not been used in any meaningful way for quite some time now.