MLB Power Rankings: The Player Edition

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst IJune 20, 2008

Many professional baseball players can hit home runs. But, this ranking isn't for them. It is for the players who can hit the ball a mile, on a consistent basis. Players that are known for massive home runs, players who can leave people in disbelief, and players that are feared when they step into the box.

These players are very rare, and your franchise would be lucky to get one a decade. Here are the Top-10 current, pure power-hitters.


10. Russell Branyan, 3B (Brewers)

Are you kidding me? This guy has changed his batting stance about five times over his career, and he continues to hit bombs. Branyan has been in and out of the majors the last few years, but this year he is making a loud statement. Through his first 62 at-bats this year he had hit 10 home runs. That's about one homer every six at-bats. WOW!


9. Eric Hinske, OF (Rays)

Not known for anything but his bat, Hinske has solidified himself in Tampa Bay's lineup, even with all the young guns in their system. With an average around .250, he has smacked 12 dingers so far. Those home runs are desperately needed in Tampa Bay right now with the absence of Carlos Pena.


8. Jason Giambi, 1B/DH (Yankees)

Forget the steroid argument for now. Giambi has absolutely killed the ball so far this season. He is ranked second in the American League in home runs, even though he only has 197 at-bats (first place has 300 AB). Giambi can easily put it into the upper-deck down the right-field line at Yankee Stadium, and he has put on a show for the Yankees' fans this year.


7. Johnny Gomes, OF (Rays)

Some people may be asking who this guy is. Johnny Gomes is a backup outfielder for the Rays, and is a guy who provides a lot of pop off the bench. Even though he only has five homers this year, in about 100 at-bats, he has hit some mammoth shots that should go right through the roof at Tropicana Field in Tampa.


6. Ryan Howard, 1B (Phillies)

A slow start to the season has turned around, and Howard is now ranked sixth in the National League in home runs. In a game earlier this month, Howard had two long-balls versus the very-good pitching staff of Boston in a single game.


5. David Ortiz, DH (Red Sox)

What really needs to be said about this guy? Well, he can't play the field, but he's an offensive powerhouse in the middle of that Boston lineup. Ortiz is 12th in the AL in homers with 13, even though he has been out a few weeks with an injury. Ortiz is not only powerful, but is probably one of the most clutch players in the league.


4. Pat Burrell, OF (Phillies)

A one-two-three punch of Burrell, Utley, and Howard is a frightening thing. The three Phillies have combined for about 60 percent of the team's home runs. Burrell, only one homer behind Ryan Howard for sixth in the NL, also has an OBP of .421, which ranks fourth in the NL. A little slow in the field, but he is still a beast at the plate at the age of 31.


3. Vladimir Guerrero, OF (Angels)

This man can hit a homer if you pitch to him in the dirt, over his head, heck, even in the other batters box. Guerrero isn't only crazy powerful; he is also a huge RBI machine for the dangerous LA Angels of Anaheim.


2. Marcus Thames, OF/1B (Tigers)

Just watch this guy; he has absolutely sick power. At one time this year, he had homered in five-straight games and eight-straight hits were homers. Remember, he plays in Detroit, the second largest field in the league, and he leads the team in homers with 13, even though he has more than 100 at-bats less than second place: Ordonez and Cabrera. Also, he hit a 465' home run in another pitchers park, San Francisco. Every nine AB, this guy hits one out.


1. Adam Dunn, OF (Reds)

As the ESPN analysts say, "He can uproot a tree with one hand." From him, expect a strikeout or a home run. His average of only about .230 has produced 18 home runs this year, which places him eighth in the majors. The fact that he's 6'6", 275 lbs. could help him hit more homers, but he is still the most powerful player in the bigs.