Team USA for the Olympics... The way it should be.

Danny Devine@Devine4809Correspondent IJune 20, 2008

There are headlines throughout the country about who should be on the USA men’s basketball team. This topic got me thinking on who would represent the United States in baseball in the Olympics.

I know there is a WBC (world baseball classic), but it’s not the same. Many people and players look at the Olympics as the cream of the crop. The sports best in every single sport or event.

Normally baseball doesn’t take there great player over there and show case the great talent we have here in this country. We also need a team to take on the Dominicans because they are also loaded with talent as well.

            Now I know that the Olympics have fallen off the radar these past couple years, but I think it would be fun to put together a USA team.



Joe Mauer(Twins), Brian MCcann(Braves), and just to be nice throw Jason Varitek(Red Sox).

Starting---- Joe Mauer(Twins)


1st Base:

Lance Berkman(Astros) aka the big Puma, Derek Lee(Cubs), and Prince Fielder(Brewers). Sorry Philly fans Ryan Howard strikes out way to much.

Starting---Lance Berkman(Astros)


2nd Base:

Chase Utley(Phillies), Brandon Phillips(Reds), and Dan Uggla(Florida).

Starting--- Chase Utley(Phillies)


3rd Base:    

Chipper Jones(Braves), David Wright(Mets), and let’s take a young stud Evan Longoria(Rays).

Starting--- Chipper Jones(Braves)


Short Stop:

Derek Jeter(Yankees), Michael Young(Rangers), and another young gun Troy Tulowitzki(Rockies).

Starting--- The Captain Derek Jeter


Out Fielders:

Matt Holliday(Rockies), BJ Upton(Rays), Nick Markakis(Baltimore), Josh Hamilton(Rangers), Ryan Braun(Brewers), Jacoby Ellsbury(Red Sox), Carl Crawford(Rays), Torii Hunter(Angels), and finally I’ll put Grady Sizemore(Indians) so everyone doesn’t get all upset.

Starters---Holliday, Ellsbury, and Hamilton.



Jake Peavy(Padres), Brandon Webb(D-Backs), Cole Hamels(Phillies), Tim Lincecum(Giants), and Scott Kazmir(Rays).



Relief Pitchers:

Jonathan Papelbon(Red Sox), Joe Nathan(Twins), Joba Chamberlain(Yankees), and Huston Street(Oakland). Joba will be used as a set up guy on this team sorry Yankee lovers. Also all three can close out games so I don’t really have a reason to pick one.



Batting Order:


  1. Ellsbury    CF
  2. Jeter           SS
  3. Jones         3rd
  4. Berkman  1st
  5. Utley         2nd
  6. Holliday   LF
  7.  Braun     DH
  8. Hamilton RF 
  9. Mauer      C



I know many of these players will turn down the Olympics, but just think how much fun it would be to see the young stars and proven vets playing for the pride of our country.


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