WWE: 5 Guys Who Need To Switch Brands

Ryan Senior Writer IJune 20, 2008

With the WWE Draft coming up on Monday, there is a ton of speculation as to which superstars will be moved.

More importantly, which stars need to be moved to help their careers? Who needs a kick in the pants? Who would be helped by fresh faces and new feuds on a different show?

Without further ado:

Carlito to Smackdown

Mr. Caribbean Cool has grown very stagnant on Smackdown and isn't very happy.  And why would he be? At 2005's New Year's Revolution, he was competing for the WWE Title. Now? He's jobbing out to Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly.

Granted, his attitude backstage hasn't helped--he's threatened to quit the company on numerous occasions--but he's still a talent deserving of a push.  He has better in-ring skills than many in the company and is talented on the mic.

A move to Smackdown could mean a number of things--a feud with US Champ Matt Hardy, getting bumped into an upper level feud with Rey Mysterio or possibly a run as a tag team with MVP. Hell, even start him in a program with Finlay and his midget kid.

Bottom line is that Carlito needs a move or his WWE career is likely over. He's too talented to let go.

CM Punk to Smackdown!

The extreme superstar has lost a bit of momentum from his Wrestlemania XXIV victory where he capture the Money in the Bank. Another move to Smackdown, you say? Well, yes.

Punk is wasting away on ECW. He's over to the point where they wouldn't have to build him up again on Smackdown! and he could enter into feuds with MVP or the affore-mentioned Carlito.  If he shows he's a main event player, a program with World Heavyweight Champion Edge could be highly entertaining.

Like Carlito, Punk's attitude could hurt him. He reportedly rubs people the wrong way backstage and is more than confident in his abilities.  Perhaps moving him to Smackdown could result in a heel turn, though this seems more like an Indy fan's dream rather than the logical move.

Either way, the Punk needs to be elevated and test his mettle against higher competition.

Batista to Raw

The Animal has done it all on Smackdown and it's time to  move on. Perhaps a move to the A-show could result in a continuation of his feud with HBK, perhaps including Chris Jericho a bit more this time around.

Bringing Batista to Raw opens up the possibilities as well--face vs face feuds with HHH, Cena and HBK or enter him into feuds against higher profile heels like Jericho, Orton or JBL.

Even better, have him turn heel and form a mega-faction with Orton and JBL. Perhaps have the group lead a charge for change and take extreme actions to push their views.

Bottom line is that Batista needs a fresh start and the world of Raw opens up many doors.

Mr.Kennedy to Smackdown!

Another Smackdown acquisition, but this needs to be done. The 2007 Money in the Bank winner has lost almost all of his momentum from last year and is now feuding with the likes of William Regal and Paul Burchill.

Kennedy desperately needs a change of scenery and could be a tweener in the Steve Austin mold.  Bring him to Smackdown vowing that he's going to make the leap and have him challenge Edge. With the right booking and timing, the Undertaker's return can be intertwined and make for a fantastic program.

If not that, then have him come in and feud with "La Familia", which could lead to the main event feud he's been needing.  I would also say he could turn heel again, but Smackdown seems heel-heavy right now and could definitely use an upper-echelon face.

Big Show to Raw

Not really sure where he's supposed to be right now, but in all honesty, his return seems wasted. He came back in great shape with a new resolve and they immediately stick him back in the "prestigious" ECW World title hunt?

He needs to go to Raw and he needs to be the heartless monster of the brand.  He needs to destroy things. He needs to make you believe again that no one can match up to him.  Build him up for 2-3 months by destroying mid-carders and upper-echelon guys like Jeff Hardy and HBK. Make this guy a serious threat to anyone and everyone.

I'm not saying he needs a title run, though the thought of him chasing HHH or Cena for months before the intense showdown sounds great.

Overall, a change of scenery is mandatory for many fans. Umaga is one wrestler that needs just that and will undoubtedly be moved to Smackdown. I'd like to see more faces moved to the Friday night program and really spice that up, as Raw seems a bit top heavy at the moment.

Let's see how the WWE shakes things up on Monday.