Is Hulk Hogan in TNA Wrestling for the Business or Himself?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIDecember 17, 2009

Ever since I heard Hulk Hogan was going through a divorce, I knew he'd be coming out of the woodwork doing something in TV or in the wrestling ring to get some money. Of course he still had to pay for his son's screw-up as well.

For those that don't know, Nick Hogan had a car accident in which he pretty much walked away OK, but his passenger, and friend, didn't. He survived, but was in rough condition, and still is to this day.

Nick actually spent time in prison for the ordeal. Why is Hulk paying anything on it? The car happened to be under his name, so therefore he had to pay the family.

Of course, the divorce really took a lot out of him. And you can't blame a guy for doing what he has to do. However, you have to call him out when he says one thing but means another.

As we have seen constantly for the past few months, Hogan has been promoting TNA at every turn. However, in the same interviews, he is also promoting his book and himself, really.

You can't blame a guy for signing on in TNA to earn some cash, but when he says he is in there to help TNA, that is when I get a bit skeptical. TNA's talent is happy-go-lucky about it, and of course friends of Hogan's such as Kevin Nash are happy to see him there too. There is even a rumored NWO reunion. Which would be great, if it wasn't already done before in the WWE while everyone was still OK in the ring.

Scott Hall alone looks like he got run over by a truck. Add in the fact that Nash should have been gone years ago, and Hogan coming in means nothing special to wrestling, and it's a recipe for disaster.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, the WWE owns the name NWO because it owns all rights to WCW, and the faction was WCW's property. They can talk about NWO, they just can't go by it on TV.

In any case, the people in the WWE—the ones who have actually spent time with Hogan in the company—know that he is out for No. 1. Even those who never spent time with Hogan in the WWE know what he is really out for.

He claims that he is coming in to help the company and its younger talent, but that is doubtful when he'll get paid more as a top guy there who is on TV frequently.

Am I saying he will wrestle every week? No. In fact, at his age and health, he'd be an idiot to do so.

Hogan is out for himself—it's obvious, and every wrestler in the WWE knows it. In fact, one of WWE's real-life good guys in CM Punk made comments regarding Hogan in an interview recently.

Of course, Punk is a heel, but in real life he is said to be a great person and a guy who rarely has anything bad to say about anyone. He said in the interview that he has friends in TNA and thinks they have great talent, and that he hopes they will get really good one day, but now he is on constant fast-forward through the show. He did claim that he watched the show, which is kinda weird for a WWE talent to say in an interview.

When he came around to Hogan, he said that Hogan is out for No. 1, not the company. Hogan being there won't help them at all, if you ask me.

Check out the part he had to say about Hogan here.

Personally, I was a Hogan fan when I was younger. I think just about all the kids in the '90s loved Hulkamania. But sometimes there is a time to just go, and Hogan has yet to realize that.

I am OK with him coming to TNA to get some extra money into his home and to pay bills, but when he comes out and says he is there to make the company and talent better, I highly doubt that will happen.

Also, with him coming in and being in charge, he is going to want to do things that are good for the talent in some ways, but at the same time hurt the company financially. You also have Eric Bischoff there too, and with those two running a company I see the company not lasting too much longer.

He is going to want the vets to get more spotlight, which in turn will turn a lot of fans off, as they are tired of seeing them in a ring. When TNA has so much talent that can still go in the ring, why injure our eyes by making us watch crap?

I don't want to see Ric Flair come in, I don't want to see the NWO reunite, and I don't want to see another 15 vets come into the WWE and take the spotlight away from some of the greatest young talent in wrestling today.

The storylines aren't great, but when it comes to pure wrestling, I don't think many promotions beat TNA. And the reason is because of great, young talent. Why ruin it?

But oh, the Hogan curse rears its ugly head once again. The talent has been told to tone down its wrestling a bit and use the WWE wrestling style, which is made up of more holds and submissions and not as many high spots.

Doing this would be stupid. Each company having a distinctive style makes each company who it is. Let the WWE have its style and let TNA be TNA. This is why many people like TNA's matches more than the WWE's—why give them something they don't like as much?

Hogan should let TNA be, instead of coming in and changing every little thing to his liking. Of course Dixie will go along with everything because she has no idea about wrestling, which is why Jeff Jarrett controlled everything for some time.

When Jarrett left a while back, Vince Russo controlled most of the operations, such as writing, creative, and booking.

I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the talent in TNA wanting out once things start to decline there. TNA is bringing in poison, if you ask me—nothing good at all.

Hogan is coming in for a paycheck and that's it, and while he is there he is going to try and make what he wants in a promotion. The outdated, dead style that is going to turn people off.

Whatever he says is pure crap when it is about helping a company. I respect Hogan, but the respect is dwindling more and more. If he never said anything about helping the talent or the company and just came in and worked there a bit, I'd have no issue with him personally.

Because at that point, I'd realize that he is coming in for a paycheck, and that only. Which is fine, because knowing his financial situation, you expect it. But the moment he lies, and it's obvious—that is when things make me angry.

What help could Hogan bring? The answer is none. He is there for star power, and that is understandable. But making him in charge is a recipe for disaster, I'm just saying.