Why Are Women in MMA So Loathe to Embrace Their Heroes?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJune 19, 2008

There have been many mistakes made with trying to make women's sports equal to men's sports throughout the ages.  Cute little tennis dresses and having to wear only white, women in early baseball wearing dresses (for heaven's sake), women's basketball before adopting men's rules (outrageous), and etc.

Now women want to be equal in the fairly recent sport of Mixed Martial Arts, but have a very strange way of implementing their equality—they destroy their heroes.

Witness the furor that resulted when Gina  failed to make weight in her fight with Kaitlin Young, or the fact that the women who were rooting for Young to win turned on her when she failed to win.  I for one never expected to see that, and didn't think Kaitlin deserved it.

Of course even before this, former fans of Carano who had been flattering her and calling her the face of Women's MMA, started hating on her for "selling out her sport" to take a paying job with the American Gladiators show on TV.  And why should becoming AG's "Crush" be worse than being WMMA's "Conviction?"  Was it the increase in pay and the prestige of being a television star that caused this jealous reaction?

Now Kim Couture has received a similar response for choosing to go professional in the sport.

Already she is criticized for becoming a fighter "just because she is married to Randy 'the Natural' Couture."  The fact that she already had a background in which becoming a fighter is the next logical step in her progression does nothing to silence her critics.

Kim just won her first fight and is facing another newcomer, Kim Rosa on June 20th at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

She has had an offer by Strikeforce and now may sign a contract with the American Fight League if she is willing to put the pressure of a contract on her life while already trying to budget her time raising her son, with her husband (apart from their many business commitments), and her own time training for a sport she has learned to love and is willing to promote.

Kim does not have to become a fighter to impress the MMA community.  She is already well recognized and accepted without having to risk her beautiful face by banging it out in the octagon.

Money is not a reason to compel her to fight either;  Affliction, Xtreme Couture and all of their gyms are flourishing, so the Coutures are financially secure without her adding another source of income.

Being an advocate for Women's MMA appeals to Kim who believes, as do most of her sister fighters, that WMMA needs to have three five-minute rounds, and five five-minute rounds for titles, just as men do.  She would be a very influential voice for the cause as she is intelligent, articulate and extremely charismatic.

My question remains:  why do the professed women fighters feel this compulsion to tear down potential heroes of the sport and trample them with insults, rather than support them and cheer them on for the good of the sport?

Is this just a catty female thing; is the sport of Women's MMA cursed by being too hormonal to ever make it to the big time or is there yet hope that the women can learn-up, just 'take it like a man' and take one for the good of the team?