Informative Responses: Regarding Food and Vitamins, Part I

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IJune 18, 2008

Informative Responses

Recently, several questions have been posed from readers regarding, “The Other 90%,” the place of nutrition in a strength and conditioning program, the status of Barwis, and what “The Other 90%” will mean to U of M football players. Keep the good work up readers and send forward your inquiries. All responses that follow are educated inferences and are not based on direct conversation from anyone within the S and C program.

Regarding Cherries:
Readers ponder: what is the big deal with cherries? Cherries are the jackpot of foods that could be classified as natural supplements. There may be no food on earth that provides as much potential benefit as cherries. For starters, cherries likely provide at least a dozen antioxidants, yes the same antioxidants that have been regularly pushed on TV. Antioxidants from supplements out of a bottle are fine in theory, but the physiological fact is that antioxidants from real food are much better than substitutes from a pill boasting antioxidants. Next, cherries and other fruits, like strawberries, serve as anti-inflammatory agents, perhaps better than some prescribed medicines. If you are an athlete in the new S & C program, your body craves anti-inflammatory benefits. Lastly, antioxidants are strongly suspected to be cancer inhibitors. All of this without supplement concerns.

The antioxidants are referred to as flavonoids. Anthocyanins are the type of flavonoid thought to deactivate those nasty radicals (floating broken chemical bonds) that collect in the body. You know, red wine, amber beer, and cherries. Antioxidants prevent harm by combining with any “free floating” radical bond by joining and completing a healthy substance. Eat cherries, all of you.

Regarding B Vitamins:
B vitamins have always been suspected of pure performance enhancement. They make the ATP cycle (energy cycle) more efficient, and breakdown carbs and protein to the energy needed in the ATP cycle. B vitamins help heal muscle tissue, make better muscle mass, and provide help for the nervous system. Take vitamin B, all of you.

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