Chicago Bears: An Inside Look at the Depth Chart

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 17, 2008

Most off season moves are basically set in stone now, all the major names are off the market, and teams are ready to create their depth charts.

The Chicago Bears are going to have an especially rough time trying to figure out which players are going to get hurt at each position.

I hope to make it easy for them by breaking down each position and saying who I think should be the starter. (Because Lovie Smith and the Bears coaching staff is reading a Bleacher Report article by a 17-year-old)

QB: The Bears aren't exactly stacked at this positions, but sometimes beggars have to chose.  They either go with "Sexy" Rex Grossman who is everything but sexy, or Kyle Orton, who may or may not show up drunk.

How It Falls: Brett Favre - Let's be honest, our best chance to be good at QB is bringing the arc-rival gun-slinger out of retirement.

RB: Ced-oops, sorry about that typo there.  Matt Forte seems to have this spot locked up because Adrian Peterson is no more than a really good third stringer and Garrett Wolfe is going to get blown away by winds over 5 mph.

How it Falls: Matt Forte - He gets to run in the gigantic holes that the offensive line will open up... PSYCHE

WR: Maybe Marcus Robinson won't retire because he knows that he could be the number one on this team, but he probably won't.  Marty Booker is the poor mans Muhsin Muhammad so that's not that great.  We have two rookies who could make an impact, but Earl Bennett is short and Marcus Monk was a seventh rounder.

How it Falls: Marty Booker-Mark Bradley-Rashied Davis-Earl Bennett - this set up gives us the best group for the QB to throw to, sorry QB. Also, Devin Hester should make a contribution.

TE: Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark will fight for who gets the ball passed to them 20 times a game because there are zero receivers open.

How it Falls: Greg Olsen - He shows the most potential and the surest hands, hopefully the fact that 11 defensive players will be on him because they know the other receivers won't catch it won't hinder his stats that much.

OL: This line is going to be better than expected (sorry for the bashing) this season.  I'm worried about the guards, but I think we will be solid at three of five spots.

How it Falls (LT to RT): Chris Williams-Terrence Metcalf-Olin Kreutz-Roberto Garza-John Tait - John Tait moves back to his original position, Chris Williams tries to be Joe Thomas, and defenders run over the guards.

DL: The always solid unit will benefit from the return of Tommie Harris as well as the experience that Mark Anderson gained.

How it Falls (LE to RE): Mark Anderson-Dusty Dvoracek-Tommie Harris-Adewale Ogunleye - Even though they have two messed up names, the defensive line is going to be pretty strong and get to the quarterback a lot, until week six when they are going to be exhausted from the 45 minutes of playing time each game.

LB: Again, an always strong group, they hope to be able to battle the fatigue from playing three quarters of the game.

How it Falls (SLB to WLB): Hunter Hilenmeyer-Brian Urlacher-Lance Briggs - Urlacher seems to be ready to play and probably won't bring any ill will against the staff into the season, but fatigue will begin to set in eventually.

CB: They have one of the best top three corners in the NFL just behind Baltimore, so they should be ready to shut down some of the opposing receivers.

How if Falls: Charles Tillman-Nathan Vasher-Ricky Manning Jr.-Trumaine McBride - They are going to be decent against the pass, nobody stands out but nobody falls behind.

FS: Mike Brown seems to have a lock on the position, but a history of injuries could mean that this is a make-or-break year for him.

How it Falls: Mike Brown - He gets the starting job, but Craig Steltz will get sufficient playing time so he is ready in case Brown goes down again.

SS: Danieal Manning is a true FS, but with that position locked up, they could look to him, Brandon McGowan, or rookie Craig Steltz.

How it Falls: Danieal Manning - He gets the starting nod because he has shown more potential than McGowan.

How Speical Teams Fall: Robbie Gould is the kicker because there are no other kickers on the staff, ditto for Brad Maynard, Devin Hester continues to be a beast while Gould and Maynard have good, not great, years.

I'm Joe W.

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