Eric Wallace Will Transfer to DePaul

Zero NullCorrespondent IJune 16, 2008

According to Scout, former Buckeye Eric Wallace is about to become a Blue Demon.

The 6′5″ swingman from North Carolina will be eligible for the ‘09-10 season and will have three years of eligibility left.

The well documented log jam on the Buckeye wings made this move inevitable and I wish Wallace the best. I know some felt he might see the court more this year with all the defections but his lack of polish made PT a dream unless Matta opts to go with a 4 guard offense next season.

Of course, I probably shouldn’t say that so tongue-in-cheek considering the state of the front line and the glut of perimeter players on next season’s roster. If Mullens and Lauderdale get in foul trouble it could be Madsen time, which is swahili for we’re screwed unless Nikola Kecman is eligible and can, in fact, help on the glass.

I admittedly know very little about Kecman but even if eligible, I struggle to think he’ll help much on the boards considering his style of play and skinny frame. What you say?

I gotta imagine Thad is gonna have this team running, gunning and pressing to compensate for the lack of inside depth and to utilize the 2.3 million perimeter players.