WWE Monday Night RAW Preview: The Mind Games Continue

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 16, 2008

Salt Lake City is the home of WWE Monday Night RAW tonight. What could be the last time we see some superstars on RAW, this week’s RAW promises to be an explosive one.

The mind games between Triple H and John Cena were in full force last week on RAW. John Cena defeated JBL before engaging in a postmatch staredown with Triple H. The Game showed Cena he is the Cerebral Assassin by sweeping Cena’s feet from under him. Obviously, an embarrassed Cena got the message.

Later that night, The WWE Champion faced Jeff Hardy. The match ended when John Cena swept Triple H’s feet from under him, causing him to be counted out. As both competitors stared each other down once again, they were interrupted by a flying Jeff Hardy, a swift reminder that The Rainbow-Haired Warrior is also keeping an eye on the WWE Title. 

Tonight, with two weeks away from their match-up, who will get the cerebral advantage? We’ve heard it numerous times; The Champion Triple H and the challenger John Cena are the two top superstars in the WWE.

Who will walk out the champion after Night of Champions? Will John Cena be able to walk out of Salt Lake City tonight, after he faces The Samoan Bulldozer Umaga in a Street Fight? No doubt the Champion will be keeping an eye on that match.

Last week on RAW, we witnessed the most memorable Highlight Reel ever! After weeks of Chris Jericho acting oddly, he showed his true colors last week when he threw Shawn Michaels through the JerichoTron 6000.

The Showstopper’s face went through the monitor glass, which is quite ironic since Shawn Michaels was the one throwing his former partner Marty Jannetty through a barbershop’s glass years ago.  

Chris Jericho obvious thought it was poetic justice, but how will The Heart-Break Kid react? Jericho says he wants to be a fighting champion, so will we see these two face-off for the Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions? 

For two weeks in a row, the Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes have lost their matches. No doubt their looming match against the “Simply Priceless” Ted DiBiase and a mystery partner at Night of Champions is on their minds. Can the Champions get it together before their big night? And will we find out who DiBiase will pick as his partner?

Finally, Vince McMahon did what he said he would do, and gave away $1,000,000 of his own money last week on RAW. Tonight, he will do it all over again. Which lucky Americans will get that call from Vince McMahon? Tune in to find out.    

The WWE Draft is seven days away! This might be the last time we see some of our favorite RAW Superstars. Who will stay, who will go? Find out next week!

All this and more tonight on WWE Monday Night RAW. Tune in on The USA Network or The Score. 

Thanks for reading, and see you all on Smackdown!   

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