US Open: Why Is "That Guy" Always at Golf Tournaments?

Nic GulasSenior Analyst IJune 15, 2008

We all know about that one golf fan who shows up to every event. 

It's not always the same guy, but there is one response which is always heard in every crowd. 

You may not know what I am talking about, but watch a golf event, in person or on TV, and you will easily figure it out. 

It happens almost every swing and definitely on every putt. 

Allow me to break down the situation here...

Random tour player No. 1 steps up to the ball.  The volunteer marshal raises their hands to silence the crowd, and the crowd follows orders.  The pro takes a swing or two away from the ball, then settles in.  The wind swoops against the microphone in place to catch that customary sound.  Then the pro starts his stroke.  Swoop, chink...



Not a split second after the ball is hit, some moron always screams this phrase at the top of his lungs, which is as overblown as Stephen A. Smith's use of, " the end of the day." 

It doesn't matter if its a tee shot or a putt from three feet away.  It could be a par-3 185, par-4 467, or par-5 615 hole, but rest assured some idiot will chime in out of the crowd to verbalize this awful phrase. 

Its almost as if this guy believes his opinion matters so much more than everyone else's, and they believe or expect Tiger to thank them personally after he sinks his putt for double bogey on hole number one. 

So, after all of that, here is my plea to those of you who attend golf tournaments, please refrain from usage of this phrase.  It annoys the people around you, it annoys the people watching on TV, and, in all actuality, it just makes you look like a loser. 

There is a reason why the marshal asks you to be quiet: its for your own personal protection from public and national embarrassment.  Please obey.