Alabama Football: Monday Message Board 6/16

Nic GulasSenior Analyst IOctober 30, 2016

Hey Guys,

This week we gained a lot of new writers to the Alabama community on Bleacher Report, so here's a quick shout out to all of them. 

Something to watch out for today, Monday, is the draft decisions of Richard Hendrix and Ronald Steele.  They have to make a decision by 5 pm EST/4 pm CST. 

Now on to football and this week's topic. 

We have discussed the incoming class from about every angle that's possible, between individual efforts and unit efforts, so how about a little love for the guys who have been here and done that for a little while. 

There is no doubt that Alabama's chance to have a successful season mainly lies on the shoulders of John Parker Wilson. 

In his two years as a starter, he has had his good moments (Ark, Tenn, UGA) and his bad ones (MSU, LSU).  It is also known that how JPW goes, so does the team. 

Even with all the criticism, JPW will finish his career, barring injury, as the leading record holder in the books in most QB categories. 

So here is the question: What kind of season do you believe John Parker Wilson will have this season as QB of the Crimson Tide?

Wilson has been named by many publications as the third best QB in the SEC this season, but most people view that as based only on his experience.  However, Wilson was named to the Unitas Award watch list this past week for the trophy given to the nation's top senior QB. 

There is no doubt JPW's play is key to this team's season, so what do you think?  Either leave your comment below or write your own article on this week's topic.  That's all for this week, guys.