The Day When Cricket Vanished From Earth

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent INovember 28, 2009

One Sunday morning Vishrut Aggarwal sat down on his armchair and relaxed his feet on a table and switched on his 42 inch Television. He wanted to see the match between India and Australia. But to his surprise, there was no match on Neo Cricket. He wondered why? And then suddenly he heard a voice. It was a strange voice. It said "CRICKET HAS VANISHED FROM EARTH VISHRUT AND IT WILL NEVER COME BACK." "Why?" asked Vishrut. "BECAUSE I WZOONOOKA THE KING OF HOOLOO PLANET HAS STOLEN IT FROM EARTH" answered the voice. "Whoever you are, please listen to me, I will not let you take Cricket away from my life and will get it back' answered Vishrut. Suddenly a black screen appeared on the Television on which 'NO CRICKET' was written in bright red letters. 

Vishrut Aggarwal then took out his rocket suite, wore it, took out all his special space weapons and sat in his secret rocket and was off on his way to the space. When he finally reached space he started searching for Hooloo planet, but couldn't find it. Then he used his planet locator(an instrument used to locate planet and about which only Vishrut Aggarwal knows about)to locate planet Hooloo.

Finally he found the planet. It was in another galaxy and was a huge planet. 

He landed his rocket on it, wore his oxygen mask and set out on the planet to look for the stolen cricket.

He walked nonstop for seven days and seven nights and finally reached a cave. He entered it and to his surprise he found Saurav Ganguly there. "Saurav! What are you doing here?" he exclaimed. Saurav replied "Oh thank god you're here mate, Wzoonooka tried to steal the cricket from Earth and when I tried to stop me he kidnapped me as well, and now he has held me captive in this cave. When I finally found my way out I met you. Do something Vishrut." "Of course I will Saurav, but first I will guide you to my rocket where you will be safe" replied Vishrut.

As Vishrut was guiding Saurav to his spaceship he saw a huge monster blocking his way.

That monster roared "I WZOONOOKA WILL KILL BOTH OF YOU RIGHT NOW." the monster took out its gun but Vishrut was too quick for it and destroyed its gun in a fraction of a second with his special gun. The monster was helpless and Vishrut pointed its gun on it. He said "Wzoonooka now tell me where is the stolen game of cricket or I will kill you right now with my special Super Duper Gun." The monster mumbled some chants and said "the cricket is back on Earth Vishrut, please forgive me." Vishrut shot the monster with his his special bullet, which diabled the monster from using his powers for the rest of its life and returned to Earth with Saurav.

To his surprise he found that Cricket was back and India was playing really well against Australia.

God knows what was the result of the match, but the result of Vishrut's journey to the space is clear.