Eddy Curry: Analysis of the Knicks' Center

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 15, 2008


1)     Inside Scoring: B+

When he gets the ball near the basket, he is a capable scorer, as he has a field goal percentage of 55%.

2)     Three Point Shooting: D

He only took one three point shot in his career, but he made it, and it won

the game for his team. That counts for something, I guess.

3)     Dunking: A-

When he’s near the basket, Eddy can definitely slam it in with ease.

4)     Passing: D

Even for a big man, Eddy is a very poor passer, thereby allowing double teams to often take advantage of him in the post.

5)     Offensive Rebounding: B-

Averaging 1.9 a game, Eddy is somewhat capable of obtaining offensive rebounds.

6)     Defensive Rebounding: C-

Eddy may very well be the worst center at defensive rebounding in the entire NBA.

7)     Ball Handling: C-

Eddy is a very average ball handler for a center, thereby constituting his grade.

8)     Stealing: D-

Eddy doesn’t get many steals, at all.

9)     Blocking: D+

In addition to his poor rebounding, Eddy also holds the title of being the worst center at shot blocking in the NBA. His parents must be proud, huh?

10)  Defensive Pressure: D+

Unfortunately for the Knicks, Eddy Curry simply does not play defense. Its not that he’s not physically capable of it, but rather, he just doesn’t seem to try.

11) Free Throw Shooting: D+

His free throw percentage of 62% last year will not cut it in the NBA, even for a big man.


Overall Grade: C