The NFL: What Makes You the Fan That You Are Today?

Evan GlassContributor IJune 15, 2008

Have you ever known that one person who lives in New York, but happens to be a Cowboys fan?  How bout a Giants fan in Philly?  

I asked myself this: "What makes a person a fan of their favorite team?"

Here are a few ideas:

1. Location, Location, Location.  Quite simply, the greatest factor that impacts a person's favorite team is where they live.  If someone you know lives in Cincinnati, your best bet is that they're a Bengals fan.

You want your home team to do well because they represent your city!  You have to show the world that "Hey, I'm from Cincinnati and I'm proud of my Bengals!" Except if you're in Michigan, then you kind of look the other way when someone talks about the Lions.

I would call these, "The Home Team Fans".

2. The Team Talent.  Hop on the bandwagon, because the good team is rolling in!  Seriously, how many Patriots fans did you know during this past season?  Quite a few, I would imagine.  

Many people who live away from their team is a fan of them because of how good they are.  The true fan stands by their team, no matter what shape they're in.

I call these, "The Bandwagoners".

3. Family.  My family is entirely fans of the Minnesota Vikings.  I, however, am not.  Quite frankly, the only person on that team I like is Adrian Peterson because he runs like a beast.  

Otherwise, I am the only Philadelphia Eagles fan in my entire family.  Anyway, a person may have grown up as a devoted fan of the Vikings, or whatever team they love.

These are who I would call, "The Homesick Fans".

4. College Players.  Since I live in Michigan, I like to see the Wolverines win all the time (Appalachian State sucks by the way. Ha ha, just kidding).  

One of their players, Braylon Edwards, was one of my favorites from Michigan. Now, I kinda like watching Cleveland play on Sundays.  Perhaps you liked to watch Tom Brady, so you suddenly became a Patriots fan.

I call these, "The Heisman Fans".

5. Just a random team you picked.  Ya, that's me.  I chose the Philadelphia Eagles as my favorite team about two years before the Eagles had made it to the Super Bowl.  So I guess you can't call me a bandwagon fan because they went to the Super Bowl.  

I chose them because I really like seeing them play like they owned the place. Donavon McNabb was like my hero for the longest time, until Westbrook caught my attention.  

Finally, I call these, "The Blind-Fire Fans".

As you can tell, there are many factors that make us the fan we are today.  Ask yourself this:" Why are you the fan of your favorite team?"  

If anyone has some sweet or strange stories on how they became the fan they are today, or any other thoughts, please feel free to explain below!



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