The fish have me HOOKED: marlins live, die by sword

josh millarSenior Analyst IJune 15, 2008

The Florida Marlins have had an intersting history to say the least.

granted an expansion team in 1993 the Marlins shocked the world by winning a world championship in 1997

the next year the team was dismantled in a cost cutting move, within an eyelash  they went from world champions to winning only 54 games in 1998,  but the marlins rebuilt and won another championship in 2003. and history repeated itself

josh Beckett ans aj Burnett were traded pudge ridriguez became a free agent.

2005 and 2006 were years to forget for marlins fans but in 2007 joe girardi was named manager of the year and promptly fired after disputes with management

here we are in 2008 later and the marlins are in the thick of things AGAIN!

For years we have heard about the success of the Atlanta Braves and rightfully so 14 straight division titles well never be repeated but the braves have had one important element in there corner that of consistency the marlins organization has been anything but.

The braves have had a solid core of chipper and Andrew jones offensively at least till last year and for many years the big 3 of glavine maddux and smoltz. Bobby cox has managed the team since 1990 and by his side was leo mazzone GMjohn scherhultz

The marlins have been more like a revolving door to say the least

the marlins have had 6 managers since their 1st championship season  3 owners and and 3 gm’s

this year the marlins are doing with players only known to baseball purists dan uggla Jorge cantu and a cast of thousands. seemingly

the tragedy is not even their own fan come to watch

but baseball purists agree the marlins are the most entertaining team in 2008

with a back up catcher hitting nothing but homers in cody ross and late inning victories and wallkoffs the marlins live and die by the sword fish lol