Brett Rogers and Kimbo Slice: Was The Post Fight Altercation Staged?

Todd ParmeleeSenior Analyst IJune 14, 2008

Maybe he likes the Chicago Bears and that is why his website is called

I am talking about the most feared heavyweight in the Elite XC not named Kimbo Slice: Brett 'Da Grim' Rogers.

On his website, it lists on the bottom right 'Stay Tuned for Kimbo update.' Rumors are circulating on the Internet of a matchup between Brett Rogers and Kimbo Slice will occur in October. These rumors have been circulating since the two fighters nearly exchanged blows after Rogers called out Slice at the Elite XC post-fight press conference on May 31.

The man behind the future matchup is Gary Shaw, who knows a little bit about hyping fights.  Shaw was Lennox Lewis' promoter for the Lewis-Tyson fight in 2002.  Wasn't there a staged fight between Lewis and Tyson at the prefight press conference?

The eventual fight occurred in Memphis, Tennessee, and ended up grossing nearly $107 million on pay per view.   It was the highest pay per view sales ever for a boxing event at the time, until it was surpassed by De La Hoya versus Mayweather in 2007. 

This makes me wonder, were the shenanigans at the press conference planned? You certainly would not think so, but then again what better way to get ratings then have Brett Rogers call out the most hyped fighter in all mixed martial arts.

The scuffle has received a great deal of media attention and has fans looking forward to the potential fight. 

Also, before the scuffle, who really knew about Brett Rogers?  Yes, he was impressive against Jon Murphy, but Rogers was not a household name in MMA circles.  Now he is.

Last week, at the Showtime Boxing press conference in Uncasville, Connecticut, Gary Shaw made the matchup sound like a pretty good possibility.

Both Rogers and Slice have stated in interviews that the fight will most likely occur in October.  As of right now, neither fighter has signed anything saying that they will fight each other.

The next Elite XC event televised by CBS is rumored to be held in July. Gary Shaw has stated that Kimbo Slice will not be fighting on every CBS card, so do not plan on seeing him then.

But will Brett Rogers fight again in July? His last two fights, versus James Thompson and Jon Murphy, have not gone past the first round. 

By the way, Rogers says he will beat Slice.

Check out the link from to see a recent interview done with Rogers.

Brett Rogers basic info:
Height: 6' 5
Weight 265
DOB: 2-17-81
Residence: Minneapolis, Minnesota
POB: Chicago?
Represents Team Bison
Sponsored by: Big Black Security, Pure Power Mouth Guard
Record: 7-0, his website lists his record at 9-0

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