Bleacher Report: Now Fans Can Express Concern, Excitement, and Doubt

BobAnalyst IJune 14, 2008

It started as a dream amongst a group of buddies, just like most sports teams have started.

Finally, it happened.

They won the National Championship, World Championship, or League Title of creating a business. They created an open-source sports network called has been allowing fans to express anything they want to (within reason) amongst the sports community for quite some time now.

It gives fans a chance to defend their teams, show their friends they know what they are talking about with a little research, and allow interested persons to read the opinions of the fans themselves.

As an Analyst with over 20 articles posted in the past 6 months I understand what has given the sports world.

A completely different vantage point.

Sure the ESPN, Fox, and other guys know what they are talking about. But, they cover the major sports and the major topics.

Interested persons can now learn nearly everything there is to learn about their specific team or even better let interested people write everything they possibly know about their specific team.

Most writers on specialize in particular sports, teams, or leagues within a sport.

Writers can express concern about an injury, coaching change, or trade. They can express excitement over winning streaks, positive trades, or a come-from-behind victory.

The opportunities are endless for a website that allows the fans themselves to control the media. Anything can happen and you can bet that nearly everything that can happen in the world of sports will happen on