Kyle: "Save your Name, Save the Company, and Save Us!!!"

Matt EddieContributor IJune 13, 2008

I'm not sure that there was one person watching the Coke 600 in May of 2007 that wasn't hoping for Casey Mears and JJ Yeley to run their tanks dry of gas and give Kyle Petty his 9th career victory in the Sprint Cup series. I have always wished Casey Mears good luck on Sundays because he is a great person but just this one time I was. Kyle Petty has been the laughing stock on the race track for many years now and to some extent I think it is becoming very embarrassing at this point. Kyle is one of the greatest images this sport has ever had and ever will have but he is hurting me now. I thought for a long that Kyle was doing just fine with what he was doing, running in the back. He was having fun, racing for Adam, and racing for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. I understand that he still has some of Adam still in him and the camp is in great need of more support and more money but I think he can do that some other way than on the race track.

When I first heard that the deal was done between Boston Ventures and Petty Enterprises, I though this would be a great thing for the company. On top of that, they managed to shock me by resigning Bobby Labonte for the next four years. This is possibly the greatest thing that could have happened for the whole Petty gang. One thing that I was disappointed to hear though is that Kyle Petty  would still remain the driver of the number 45 car for a couple more years. Kyle has the know how and the experience to run a great portion of Petty Enterprises and would most likely help them greatly by doing that. Bobby Labonte has the experience to groom any young talent out there and before adding a third car I think they should think about finding someone that can put the 45 car in the top 25 week in and week out and Kyle just isn't that driver. I wish to see him become one of the most important parts of that organisation after his retirement. Kyle is a true idol for every young driver out there. He is a class act and a huge image of what the people are like in this sport. He is arguably the greatest guy in the garage area and he could continue to be just not in a driver suit. With a season best finish of 27 at Richmond Kyle has got to be kicking himself. He could very well bring up a good Nationwide organisation to help groom talent for the Cup cars or even get the third team started by running 5-7 races a year but enough is enough withthe poor performing. Kyle keep being the great men we know you are but please, promote the sport, Petty Enterprises, The Victory Junction Camp, and keep Adam's memory alive but please do it in a business suit with that same ol' smile you've always had, not in a race car.