Zinedine Zidane: We Miss You So Much

Clement FocketCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

Tonight I’m really upset, and I want to share this feeling. Indeed, Holland just beat France 4-1.

It’s everything but a good year for French sports. We didn’t make it during the Rugby world championship, Laure Manaudou is swimming poorly, Federer ejected Gael Monfils at Roland Garros, and then the French football team isn’t doing well. 

I won’t criticize Holland's performance, because they played well, and I will support them if we don’t make it past group stage. They were just too good for us tonight, and I hope we won’t carry on this way. Remember, France was the finalist of last World Cup, and would have been world champions for the second time if the Italians hadn't won.

So what happened to us? Why didn’t we win that game? Of course, the orange selection was the better one tonight, but we also didn’t play well.

Henry was missing. He didn't do his job half the time, but simply waited for the ball to come to him instead of fighting for it. However, according to him "if you’re not on the field, you can’t judge."

The defense missed Viera, and Domenech is just an asshole. Instead of giving a chance to young bloods (Bensema, Nasri, or Mexes), he just kept the same players on the field (i.e. Henry). He didn’t respect his players, whom he made warm up without making them play.

So, while Robben and his dream team of Van something was destroying my pride of being a French supporter, I was hoping for Zidane (aka, God of Soccer) to appear like Mickeal Jordan did in Space Jam. 

Just imagine him walking on the grass, every player looking at him, and giving him some place to create a path, and then, looking at the sky, the supporters, the lights, and finally the goalkeeper. Wow, tremendous, my spine is freezing!

Unfortunately, it won’t happen, and I just want the French selection to do better Wednesday against those Italians. Because, if they don't, they'll get really bad press, and will be booed. Because, unless you have enough time to be PRs (i.e. the whole team), you better play like gods. 

So, congratulations to Holland, I wish you the best, you deserve it. Robben did right by shutting Henry’s mouth.