NASCAR: Kyle Busch Is Not the New Dale Earnhardt

Marc OlsonContributor IJune 13, 2008

Some broadcasters and articles on have linked Kyle Busch to the late Dale Earnhardt.  There are too many differences that set them apart.

Dale Earnhardt, from the earliest time I can remember watching NASCAR, had an image of pure dominance and prestige. with high respect from the fans and many other drivers.  Kyle Busch does not fit that shoe.

One of the big differences between Dale Earnhardt and Kyle Busch is that Dale Earnhardt, "the man in black," was able to control his car with good results to become tied with the King of NASCAR, Richard Petty himself. 

Kyle Busch just drives the wheels off his car.  It seems like every turn he takes, he has the car sideways.  With his erratic driving, he's sure to get himself hurt.  Sure Dale Earnhardt was in many wrecks, but the standard is different today then it was in that era.

The cars are a lot safer and thanks in most part to Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR has taken positive steps toward the safety of the drivers. 

I'm sure if you put Kyle Busch back into "the cars of yesterday," he would become the Buckshot Jones of this era.  He wouldn't be where he is right now if it wasn't for the "car of tomorrow."  Kyle Busch's legacy won't mean much in the eyes of fans with his lucky hot streak.

Let me remind you of the definition of legacy. Legacy is something that is remembered for years that will influence the lives of others.  Kyle Busch's antics with the fans, media, and other drivers will lead to a disrespect for his legacy.

If you look at Earnhardt, he was always for the fans to create excitement in the sport and value the true meaning of having fans and other drivers look up to him. 

There are many things I could go on about why they should lay to rest why Kyle Busch is the next Dale Earnhardt.  Statistics and fans say it all.  Legacies live on with fans, and the trash leaves no memories.

-Opinion of Marc Olson