Is It Just Me Or...: Knuckleheads of the week

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IOctober 17, 2007

IconIs it just me or...

Should Manny Ramirez learn to read the freakin' scoreboard?

Or at the very least the series standings?

It amazes me that this guy continues to get a free pass from the media and fans—it's just Manny being Manny, they say.

How can anyone defend him this time?

His latest sin speaks to everything that's wrong about sports today. It says, "I don't care if my team wins—I just care how I look and how much I get paid."

"ManRam" is the runaway winner of Knucklehead of the Week award. The good news is he can use that swing on the golf course next week while the Tribe is in the Fall (Winter?) Classic.Icon

Is no one giving Cleveland the respect they deserve?

The postseason media coverage has been all about what the Yankees and Red Sox have failed to do, not what the Tribe has done to them.

And that's just not right. 

I've said all season long that the Indians are the most complete team in the American League—"team" being the key word.

Pitching, defense, bullpen, situational hitting—they've done it all right all year long.

As a Yankees fan, I'm ashamed that my team has to hog the spotlight even after they've been eliminated. All the drama can wait until the postseason is over.

IconShould the Dallas Cryboys shut up?

Look guys, you were flat-out beaten by a far superior team—no excuses needed.

But here goes Patrick Crayton—a very talented young player and in my view a future big-time star—calling the Patriots out for a rematch "if they make it to the Super Bowl."

Habitual Knucklehead T.O. is also implying that the Pats aren't that great.

The game is over, Cryboys—and you need to start focusing on the Minnesota Vikings. They may not have much of a passing game, but they do have a good defense and a stellar young RB.

If Dallas doesn't stop looking back, they'll be looking up at Adrian Peterson on the highlight shows.Icon

Should the Boston media and Red Sox fans get off Terry Francona's back?

Talk about knuckleheads—the same writers and talking heads who would have bashed "Tito" for starting Beckett on short rest are blasting him for not using his ace.

This was set up as a no win for Francona from the get-go.

If Wakefield gets beat, Francona should have started Beckett. If Beckett gets beat, he should have started Wakefield. If Beckett starts and wins, he burned up Beckett's arm.

The only winning combo for Terry Francona would have been Wakefield with a win—but he only looked good for the first four innings.

It's not Francona's fault that the team's $103 million investment is a bust, and that alleged Hall of Famer Curt Schilling has gotten bombed.

Josh Beckett CANNOT PITCH EVERY GAME, and the Red Sox much-hyped rotation was just that—hype.

Icon Sports MediaCan the media and fans never get their stories straight?

People amaze me, which is to say they sometimes make me sick with their blatant double standards.

The same talk show hosts, callers, writers, and emailers who whine about the top teams always being the same—the Yankees and Red Sox in baseball, USC and the Florida schools in college football—are the first ones to get all up in arms when new teams break the glass ceiling.

Oh my God, University of South Florida is No. 2 and the Colorado Rockies are in the World Series!

You'd think the world came to an end.

Let's enjoy these feel-good stories instead of stop trashing the upstarts. I for one would love to see a nontraditional powerhouse win the NCAA title—it would make for great debate.

That's all for now, time to take my medication.