Ottawa Senators Coaching Search: Who's the Man?

Spencer CallaghanAnalyst IJune 12, 2008

Although it may not have the soap opera-like quality of the Toronto coach/GM/savior search—and certainly not the ridiculous amount of media coverage—Ottawa's version of "Who Wants to Coach a Bunch of Millionaires?" continues.

Here are the latest wild, rumors:

  • The Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch reports that Peter DeBoer was flown to Barbados yesterday to meet with Sens owner "Mean" Eugene Melnyk presumably to talk about his struggle to elect a new state of directors to the Biovail board.

I have a hard time figuring out how a rookie coach is supposed to straighten out a team full of underachievers and inflated egos, but hey I'm just a humble non-millionaire fan.

  • Everyone's favorite anonymous blogger/amateur musician, Eklund, reports (e4-e5 for those who follow the e-scale religiously) that in fact it is Craig Hartsburg who will be the next coach with Peter DeBoer coming on as an assistant. 

Hartsburg makes a bit more sense, but why would DeBoer leave what is rumored to be a lucrative job in Kitcher to be an assistant coach? More importantly, why would he be flown to Barbados in order to be told he'll be the one opening the gate for the defensemen and collecting the pucks and water bottles?

  • "Sens insider" Kevin Lee reported last week that his "reliable sources" told him that Bob Hartley "will be named the next head coach of the Ottawa Senators."

I wonder if he used the same source as Eklund because clearly the Hockey Buzz colleagues are either not on the same page or the guy who cleans the toilets in the Sens locker room is pulling their leg.

Of all the rumors, Eklund's Hartsburg/DoBoer one is my favorite, though it is precisely the fact that it intrigues me so much that makes it certain to fall through.

It's times like these that make me wonder why I didn't stick with journalism as a full-time career, especially sports journalism. Rumors are so easy to make up; your sources are always anonymous and no one ever calls you on it.

Maybe we should all just wait and see.