RotoHog Fantasy Baseball: June 11 Update

Chris HesterSenior Analyst IJune 11, 2008

What a day Wednesday turned out to be! I had a little bit of a dilemma that almost came down to a coin-flip, believe it or not! 

Before I get into my position-by position analysis, I would like to send my deepest regrets to the NL Central. How boring will baseball be in this division now that both Pujols and Soriano are on the disabled list? 

This would be a perfect time for my Reds to make a move...except for the fact that they aren't any good. Oh well, on to the Fantasy Baseball game!

C: Ryan Doumit (PIT): After missing out on Ryan's onslaught last night, I was torn on whether or not to start him this evening against the Nats. John Lannan has been solid so far this season for Washington and, let's face it, what were the chances Doumit would have two solid nights in a row? Well, I took a chance, and it paid off! Doumit went 3-for-4 tonight with a home run for a nice 19.9 points!  Nearly 20 points is great out of any position, but getting that type of production from a catcher is just astounding!

1B: Lance Berkman (HOU): Lance has been a mainstay in my lineup for most of the season and has certainly made his stay worthwhile! Tonight, however, he was actually a little worse than using an EMPTY slot and saving $51! Lance put up an 0-for-3 night with a strikeout and one run scored. When I came home and saw Houston put up six runs I just knew Lance drove in at least half of them!  What were you doing out there tonight, my man!?

2B: Mark DeRosa (CHC): In the never-ending search for a quality second baseman for my team, let me introduce you to today's contestant: Mark DeRosa. DeRosa has actually been pretty hot coming into today's game, so I figured "why not ride the hot hand?!" This is a philosophy you will see later in my strategy, as well! So Mark, whose real position should probably be UTL since he plays basically all over the field, may havee arned himself another start in the Hester lineup after tonight. Nothing spectacular from Mark (2-for-4 with a run scored) but he gave me almost six points from a position I can never seem to get right.

SS: Michael Young (TEX): Speaking of the "hot hand!" Who at the shortstop position has been hotter than Mr. Young lately?! Michael brought with him a 10-for-22 month of June, and I figured I would try and milk him for every bit of the streak that I could. I picked him up as soon as the trading floor opened and placed him right into action. How'd that work out for me, you ask? Well, I guess there are two sides to every coin. When a player is scorching hot you can say "man, he's killing the ball, I should get him on my team"...which is what I said.  OR you could say "man, he's hot right now...he HAS to cool off at some point, right?"...which is what I should have said! Young's 0-for-5 night could've hurt a lot worse without the one walk and one run scored! I'm thinking I'll give him another try tomorrow...but I'm mad at him right now.

3B: Ryan Braun (MIL): Ahh, Ryan Braun. Which side of this madman showed up today? To steal a line from a very good movie, "Braun is like a box of chocolates..." I think you know the rest. Tonight, however, "Decent" Braun showed up. This is the Braun that owners could tolerate if he could just have more nights like this one! There is nothing wrong with 1-for-5 with a double, one run scored, and one RBI. I'll take that every night, sir.

OF: Matt Holliday (COL): Well, Mr. Holliday, you aren't in AAA anymore, I guess! After ripping apart the minors, I decided to purchase Mr. Holiday as soon as he came off the DL. That, so far, has not been a great decision for me! Holiday is now 1-for-7 with four strikeouts since coming back to the Rockies lineup. I may go ahead and sell him off in the morning and look for another outfielder until he shows he is ready to hit MLB pitching!

OF: Ryan Ludwick (StL): Ahh, how can you go wrong with a slugging contact guy in Great American Ballpark?! After last night's show Ryan put on, I had no choice but to buy him! Now, you must understand how hard this was for me being a Reds fan, but at some point you have to put your pom-poms down and use your head. Ryan rewarded me for stabbing my team in the back tonight by going 2-for-4 with a walk, home run, two RBI and two runs scored in St. Louis' thrashing of my Reds tonight. I guess if my team has to lose, at least they lost by giving me some points!

OF: Milton Bradley (TEX): This may be the hardest purchase I've made all season. Every ounce of dignity I had was telling me not to make this purchase. I am not sure there is a more worthless person in MLB than Milton Bradley (Jose Guillen notwithstanding). That being said, I need points! Another Ranger who has been tearing the cover off of the ball lately earned his way into my starting lineup and promptly let me down (see Josh Hamilton last night). Milton went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts, two walks and a run scored, earning me a mere 1.5 points. Was that enough to sell my soul to the baseball devil? I don't think so.

UTL: Justin Morneau (MIN): Wasn't this guy the MVP of the American League recently? What has happened to Mr. Morneau?! I have bought and sold him a number of times this year just waiting for him to hit a hot streak. I finally may have caught him at the right time. I have been keeping an eye on him for the last week or so and decided the time was right to give him another chance. He did not disappoint by going 2-for-5 with two doubles and three RBI. Just for that I will keep him around for a little bit longer!

SP: "King" Felix Hernandez (SEA): I bought Felix before the season began and just knew he was going to be the anchor of my pitching staff. Little did I know by "anchor" I meant the thing that would hold my team down! Felix was horrible early in the season and forced me to sell as soon as possible! That being said, he has turned his season around quite nicely and that was never more apparent that today against Toronto. Now, don't get me wrong, the Blue Jays aren't exactly "Murderer's Row," but any time you can get a stat line of 8 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 8 K and a W out of your starting pitcher, you, too, will be extremely happy! Those numbers equal out to a nice little 81-point start for King Felix today!

SP: John Lackey (LAA): Here is where I had to make my coin flip. You see, I have both John Lackey AND Scott Kazmir on my team. I have been in this situation before and found that starting BOTH starters from the same game is typically a recipe for disaster. So I tossed, I turned, I read, I studied, I asked for help, and finally I decided..."go with the guy pitching at home." Well, after a 26-pitch first inning in which Lackey gave up a run and the Rays left the bases loaded, I was certainly second-guessing my pick! I had to go out for a bit tonight, so you have no idea how excited I was when I came home and saw his final line: 7 1/3 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 7 K, and the W!? 60 points? Really?! Kazmir wasn't bad tonight, earning 21 points, but for once I had a 50-50 chance at something and actually picked the winning side!

RP: Bobby Jenks (CHW): DNP

RP: Salamon Torres (MIL): DNP


As for tomorrow, I think I may leave the core of my lineup the same. I like most of the guys I have in there right now, but will surely do some tweaking. I am taking some sort of a gamble tomorrow, as I am starting Jake Peavy fresh off of the DL. Let's just hope he is the Peavy of old and not the one that got roughed up before being put on the shelf!

Until tomorrow...g'night everyone.