Why Alex Rodriguez Will Break Barry Bonds' Record, and Other Milestones

Mike SchmidtContributor IJune 11, 2008

There are a few broken milestones over the past few years that have really bothered me.  Obviously when Bonds broke Mcgwires home run record I was extremely upset because at the time I like Mcgwire and have always hated Bonds.  Now, neither of their seasons really matter so I've sort of accepted that.  I really would like to see the all-time home run record beaten by A rod or even possibly Pujols.  Just anyone who in my opinion has been a clean and honest player.  And i believe A rod will do it because I believe he's got 7-8 more productive seasons of hitting roughly 40 homers which would put him in the 825-850 range.

The broken milestone that upsets me the most is this past season when Tom Brady broke Peyton Mannings single-season touchdown record.  I believe that fans outside of New England and Indy have to choose one of these guys to root for but just one.  I am a Lions fan (i know it sucks) but have always been loyal to Manning, who has always been one of my favorite players.  As for his counterpart, I have never been a supporter of him although I do hate him the least of any player on the Patriots who I despise.  They've had some amazing battles and I was thrilled when Manning finally got over the hump and won the Super Bowl which I believed solidified him as the best QB in the league.  Then came this year where Brady went off and threw touchdown after touchdown (half of which seemed to be complete hail marys that randy moss just jumped up and snagged out of the air) and eventually broke Mannings record of 49 touchdowns with 50.  This really irritated me for a few reasons.  One, if you can recall Mannings record-breaking season, many of his games were blowouts and Dungy would pull him in the fourth and sometimes even third quarter preventing him from padding his stats, which is the classy move.  However, this past season, it seemed like Belichick would never pull Brady no matter how large the lead.  The main game that comes to mind is that Miami game were New England had some 42 points at halftime.  The game was clearly over but Belichick being the jerk that he is kept Brady in the game.  I wanna say at least 5-10 of Bradys touchdowns this past season were during the garbage time that Manning never got to play.  This translates to 497 pass attempts for Manning in his record-breaking season to a wopping 578 for Brady this past season.  If Manning got to play during the garbage time that Brady did, there is no doubt he would have thrown 55-60 touchdowns that season which is remarkable.  Another thing that bothered me was the manner of some of his touchdowns.  A handful of them were the receivers making the touchdown by making a remarkable catch or yards after contact.  As I mentioned before, a few of the touchdowns by Randy Moss were all him and had nothing to do with Brady.  Tom would just throw it up and Randy Moss being more athletic than any defender would just come down with it.  There were also a few by Stallworth and Welker who would catch an 8 yard pass then juke a few defenders and run the other 20 yards for a touchdown.  This brings me to my final beef of Bradys record, the opposing competition.  Brady played in by far the worst division in football (with maybe the exception of the NFC west)  so 6 of his games were against poor teams and 4 of his games being against piss poor teams, the dolphins and jets.  Manning, however, played in what has been the best division in football the last couple of years, the AFC south.  And of course, you have to play in the spygate scandal and wonder how much of an affect that had on Bradys season  All this is why I think Mannings seasons was more impressive .