College Football's Top Five Offenses and Defenses

Jordan VandiverCorrespondent IJune 11, 2008

As always, college football is poised for another year of mind-blowing offenses and monstrous defenses. Well, who has the best of each? Let's take a look.


  • Texas Tech- Many will disagree, but look at the facts. Under Coach Mike Leach, the Red Raiders have posted the top offense in the nation five of the last seven years, and they look to make it six. With QB Graham Harrell, who led the nation in passing last year, getting three starting receivers back, including phenom Michael Crabtree, as well as the entire O-line returning to keep him safe, Texas Tech will average about 450-500 yards per game again, and lead the nation. Accept it.
  • Florida- This is easy. With Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin, you get the most dangerous QB-WR tandem in the country, as well as two giant rushing threats.
  • Ohio State- With Beanie Wells looking to run over everyone again, and a solid passing game, you can't go wrong.
  • Missouri- Also easy. You've got the best senior QB in the nation in Chase Daniel, All-American Jeremy Maclin, who is a threat to score any way he gets the ball, and a slew of good receivers and backs, Missouri will hunt for the BCS title this year.
  • Oklahoma- With Sam Bradford returning to man the helm, and DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown to lead the rushing attack, mixed with the biggest O-line in the nation, expect bigger things than last year from the Sooners.


  • Ohio State- Another easy call. With the whole secondary and most of the front seven returning, all led by Butkus winner James Laurinaitis, O- coordinators will have nightmares.
  • USC- With the nation's best safety tandem in Taylor Mays and Kevin Ellison, combined with Rey Maualuga, the terror in the LB corps, and an overall solid defenses, be prepared to see some hitting at the LA Coliseum.
  • Georgia- If you take the SEC's best defense and put it against anyone, that's Georgia for you. A monster D-line returns to crush ball carriers and quarterbacks alike, and a good back seven combine to form an unstoppable force for the Dawgs.
  • Florida- Definitely the SEC's 1st or 2nd best defense, depending on what you look at, Florida brings back a scary-good front seven and a decent secondary. How good will they be? Only time will tell.
  • Oklahoma- One would think that losing LB Curtis Lofton and CB Reggie Smith would hurt, but it's Oklahoma; it reloads fast. Bringing to the table a hard-nosed D-line is the start, but with questions in the back seven, can they deliver like last year?

There you have it, the top five on offense and defense. Time will tell if I'm right or wrong, but I have a feeling I won't be too wrong.