Montreal Canadiens Summer News: Some Fun Here, Some Work There

Miah D.Senior Writer IJune 10, 2008

The weather is getting weirder in Montreal, going from a sunny day to a minor storm in less than 30 minutes. Seriously, it is not even fun anymore.

Anyway, back to the Montreal Canadiens.

-Defense man Patrice Brisebois had been enjoying last week end's Canadian Grand Prix.

Last Wednesday, he invited Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen for some Hockey time at the Bell Center. I wonder how that would turn out as a real exhibition game. 

"Massa, gets through the defense, still Massa, a little stick handling, avoids Komisarek, a pass to Raikkonen and scoooooores! What a play by Felipe Massa!"

Sunday, he participated to the annual North American Ferrari contest. The qualifications were held on Saturday, during which Brisebois had an accident with another driver. The damages on the car led to his inability to post a decent time. However, forced to start last in the grid, the car number 71 finally could end up 12th.

What a great come back - must have gotten some inspiration from a few Habs' games.

-Maxime Lapierre was also present, along with team-mates Mike Komisarek, and Alex Kovalev. Lapierre just signed a two-year deal with the Canadiens.

On Habs InsideOut, there is a picture of Kovalev and Kimi Raikkonen. The comment below: "who says Kovalev doesn't get along with Finns?". Indeed.

-We will take a special look at the forward situation of the Habs in a short future. Till then, rumours have it that prospect center Corey Locke has been offered a contract by a Swiss team.

Okay, it is about time before we see all those youngsters heading to Europe.

Locke has been playing once with the Habs last season, against the Chicago Blackhawks. He has been called from Hamilton to replace Saku Koivu who was out due to a flu in December. He should have played first against the Rangers at the time, but his equipment never arrived in NY.

-Olivier Latendresse is looking forward to play in the NHL. Yes, he is Guillaume Latendresse's older brother.

He has been acquired from the Phoenix Coyotes last season and is currently playing for the Canadiens farm team Cincinnati Cyclones in the ECHL. The team just got the Kelly cup, the ECHL's Stanley if I may call it that way.

He has been doing great since playing with the Cyclones. In 24 regular season games, he scored seven goals and got 28 assists. In 22 playoffs games, he got 19 points (7-12). I just hope he skates faster than you-know-who!

So we would have the brothers Kostitsyn and the brothers Latendresse. Okay, Mikko Koivu ... Yes? No?

However, it will be a long ride from the Cyclones to the Bell Center. Two Cyclones players have already been graduating to the AHL with the Hamilton Bulldogs, David Desharnais and Thomas Beauregard.

We will see if he will be able to challenge the odds, and work his way through faster than the others.

-Bob Gainey is currently having discussions with Andrei Kostitsyn's agent. The next on the list should be Mark Streit.

However, for Gainey, "the question is to know if there will be enough space in the salary cap."

Now, what is that supposed to mean?

That's it for today's report on the Montreal Canadiens.

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Pic: Patrice Brisebois, Ferrari Challenge. (