Ken's Rants: This Stuff Is Stupid, Part 3—"Conn Smythe Is All Wrong" Edition

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IJune 10, 2008


As a sports fan, I chose to take some time and not immediately spit out this article in confusion and rage. It’s an odd thing for me to complain about who is awarded a trophy, but this I have to say. To say the least, I think this years Cup playoffs were a joke, and the Conn Smythe Trophy only made it even clearer the figureheads with the NHL are all idiots.

The Conn Smythe trophy is award annually to the player judged most valuable to his team during the NHL Stanley Cup PLAYOFFS. This year it seems more like an award for the MVP of the Stanley Cup Finals, not the entire playoffs themselves. Ok, so I'll probably receive hate mail from Zetterberg fans, but let me say I like him as a player, but he wasn’t the MVP.

The Conn Smythe trophy if it had to go to a Red Wing should have gone to Chris Osgood, without him Detroit would have watched Nashville move on. The “Dominator”, Dominic Hasek sucked it up like a vacuum cleaner, and thanks to Mike Babcock, coach of the Wings a goalie change saved the Wings Cup hopes.

Bottom Line: Without the goalie change Detroit may not win the series, or even win any other round to win the Stanley Cup.

Other more notable figures for the Conn Smythe include: Marc-Andre Fleury, Marty Turco, Sidney Crosby, Brenden Morrow (sorry Flyers fans, no one stood out for your team in that series) Countless others made impacts! Zetterberg is a great player, and a great Red Wing, but he does not deserve the Smythe.

My problem isn’t with the trophy even going to Zetterberg to a degree, but rather the NHL only awarding it to someone in the Cup Finals series, and not from the entire playoffs as it is meant!

If you are going to award it every year to someone in the Cup Finals, change the description of the award, make it for the Finals only. Otherwise, make it fair; stop forcing players to make it with their team to battle for Lord Stanley’s Cup, and make it for the MVP of the PLAYOFFS.

The award has been given to Zetterberg, but for next year I hope it is award to someone more deserving and possibly, someone who actually fulfills the MVP of the PLAYOFFS description. 

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Now it’s your turn Bleacher Report, what do you think? Am I a Jerk? Or am I dead on?