Pocono 500: NASCAR Needs to Go Back to Its Roots

Samuel Sica@@SicatheKidAnalyst IJune 10, 2008



This past week, many NASCAR drivers have been complaining about Pocono and how the track needs to be redone, and how the race needs to be shortened to 400 miles. These complaints have been coming from many drivers, including some series champions like Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.

It's funny how Jeff Gordon is complaining now about Pocono since he hasn’t been winning there recently. Jeff Gordon is a four-time winner at Pocono, and he has never complained about racing there in the past. Now he is talking about shortening the distance of the race to 400 miles because 500 is too long and the races there are boring.

I happen to disagree with the drivers because Pocono has always been a 500-mile race. All the former greats like Earnhardt, Petty, Allison, Yarborough, and Waltrip have competed in 500-mile events at Pocono in the past. The drivers of today could learn a thing or two from those great drivers.

Another topic of discussion about the Pocono track last week was maybe taking a race away and only going there once a year instead of twice. I personally think that Pocono deserves two races because it is a unique and historic track.

Pocono is unique because of its three turns and high speeds. I think that NASCAR would be making a big mistake if they took a race away from Pocono. They have already taken a race away from Darlington and given an extra race to California and Texas. I believe that we need to start going back to the roots on which this sport was originated. We need to go back to the Rockinghams and the North Wilkesboros because they are historic tracks on which this sport was born.

Most of the tracks that NASCAR runs on today are very similar in size and shape. Tracks such as California, Michigan, Chicagoland, and Kansas are all very similar. I just think that NASCAR is becoming more of a business than a sport. NASCAR needs to think more about the teams and drivers, instead of focusing on bringing new sponsorships and money into the sport.