Is It Just Me, Or...: Tony Romo Feels the Heat

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IOctober 14, 2007

IconIs it just me or... the media glare getting to Tony Romo?

Living in Dallas, I get to see way too much of this guy.

As one of the few people to actually watch Romo play at Eastern Illinois, I can say with some confidence that he seems to be losing his composure.

Consider his postgame comments after the Cowboys' loss to the Patriots:

"It's tough as a QB when you always have to put points on the board. That is a lot of pressure and I had to do it a lot last season as well."

Sounds to me like the Golden Boy just threw his defense under the bus.

Tony Romo is a very talented and charismatic young man, but he needs to think before he speaks. His teammates cut him a break when he botched that hold in the playoffs against Seattle, and when he turned in a Rex Grossman-esque performance against the Bills.

They deserve as much respect from him.

I bet no one in the media calls him out on this, either. it time to call Cedric Benson a BUST?

For a No. 4 overall pick, the man has done less than nothing to earn his signing bonus.

I've long compared Benson to former bust Curtis Enis—but this is getting absurd. He said he didn't want to be the next Ricky Williams coming out of Texas, but he's made Ron Dayne look like Walter Payton.

How long 'til we can start the Tony Mandarich and Ryan Leaf comparisons? the "Mangenius" coming back to earth?

Eric Mangini led the Jets to the playoffs last year and everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

News flash: He did it with Herm Edwards' players.

Maybe we should hold off on the genius label until Mangini really proves himself in New York—and maybe we should finally admit that Edwards is a better coach than Mangini, PERIOD.