WWE: Where Are They and Where Is The Push?

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJune 9, 2008

Besides, seeing the same wrestlers win each and every week on Raw, one can only hope for some new blood.

We hear about new stars getting signed, but we don't see them.

Where are they?

Chris Harris - When I heard the WWE signed him, I was thrilled. He's a bright, young star. My hope is that they don't treat him like Kaz and give him a few Heat matches before sending him packing.

Ron Killings - Another great star from TNA who has unlimited potential.

Sheamus O' Shaunessy - This guy is huge. He deserves a spot in the main light, but he's held down in FCW waiting for his shot.

Charlie Haas - The WWE let him go, only to bring him back a few months later for no reason at all. He has talent through the roof, but he sits on the roster and works dark matches and internet only shows.

Where is the Push?

Shelton Benjamin - This guy is the real deal. He has the talent and the skill, he just needs the right push and the sky is the limit.

Carlito - This is the guy that topped John Cena for the US championship, but hasn't done anything since. They say he has a bad attitude and that it's holding him down, but it is hard to have a good attitude when your talent is getting wasted.

CM Punk - The crowd loves him, he has a fresh style, he's just caught in the middle.

Ken Kennedy - The fans love him, he has the mic skills, and he has the ring skills. But when you are stuck on the Raw roster with HHH, HBK, and John Cena, you are going to take a back seat.

I thought about adding others to the list, such as a push for DH Smith, but the steroids thing kind of ruined that. Finlay and MVP get plenty of television time with plenty of wins.