WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: Challenger Found To Play The Game!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 9, 2008

WWE Monday Night RAW rolls into Oakland, California, just a few weeks before the next Pay-Per-View Night of Champions.

At Night of Champions, every WWE Title will be on the line.

Last week on RAW, we found out who will challenge for Triple H’s WWE Title. After defeating Jeff Hardy, in his first match ever against him, John Cena earned his way back to the WWE Title picture.

As the show went off the air last week, we saw the stare down between The Challenger and The Champion. Triple H will face John Cena at Night of Champion in a match that’s nearly impossible to predict the outcome.

What will The Game have to say to see a new #1 contender? And will the relationship between Cena and Mickie James move a step further (Thanks to JBL’s “magic potion”)?

For the past month, we’ve seen the Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho acting pretty odd.

Last week he dedicated his Title defence against JBL to Shawn Michaels ,who was recovering at home.  Later that night, Jericho had a chance to hit JBL with a chair....but he didn’t. As we saw him do with Michaels a few weeks back, he could not deliver that deadly chair shot.

Tonight on RAW, Chris Jericho invites Shawn Michaels to his Highlight Reel! What will the Intercontinental Champion have to say about his odd behaviour as of late? Will Shawn Michaels show up on the Reel? And what condition is The Heartbreak Kid after the beating he suffered by Batista at One Night Stand?

Since causing William Regal to get fired, Mr. Kennedy has been the main target of Paul Birchill (and his lovely sister Katie Lee).  In two separate occasions last week, we saw the two go at it in an all out brawl. Will the Loud-Mouth from Green Bay address the Brit tonight? Will their feud escalate?

Finally, the team of Katie Lee and Beth Phoenix defeated Melina and The WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James in tag team action. What’s next for The current Champion? Will The Glamazon get another shot for the Title?

All this and a whole lot more tonight on RAW! Which American citizen will win the first prize from “McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania”? How will the Tag Team Champions bounce back from their non-title loss last week? And has Ted DiBiase Jr found a tag team partner that’s....PRICELESS?

Don’t forget, the draft is two weeks away! Tune in tonight on WWE Monday Night RAW on The USA Network and The Score.


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