Cedric Benson Gets Busted Again: What's His Excuse Now?

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IJune 8, 2008

I feel like we have been here before. Oh yeah, because we have. Just over a month after getting busted for boating while intoxicated, everyone's least favorite draft bust is at it again.

The question now is are the Bears going to do something about it, or wait for Roger Goodell to do it for them?

By now you all know Benson got arrested for DWI in Austin, Texas Friday night. When will this guy ever learn? No matter what happened in May on the boat seems like a moot point right now.

Benson is turning into an unsuccessful version of fellow UT alum Roger Clemens. You know everyone is lying but him. Must be a required class at UT-Austin.

Having lived a good or bad portion of my life in Texas I can say that just like everywhere else there are some bad cops there, and some racism there as well. But not even the almighty race card can save Benson on this one.

Are we supposed to believe that the Austin police are following him around waiting to arrest him every time he leaves the house? The problem with that point is Benson was arrested by two different agencies, guess it is a Texas sized conspiracy against poor little Cedric.

Sounds like he is getting legal advice from Rusty Hardin.

Lovie Smith said today that he will give Benson the benefit of the doubt. My question is why? What has he done to deserve it? It sure wasn't his string of Pro Bowls and 1,000 yard, 15 touchdown seasons. It sure wasn't his off the field work.

I always say innocent until proven guilty. But I also exercise common sense. It tells me that any way you cut it, on the field or off, Cedric Benson is one of the worst things to ever happen to the Beloved Bears. The front office needs to admit the major mistake and move on from the Benson error.

Next time Cedric Benson has anything to do with the NFL it should be a meeting with Commissioner Goodell. Then the only question will be can you suspend a player without a team?