How Triple H Can Change the Face of the WWE

Ryan Senior Writer IJune 8, 2008

In sports, or sports entertainment in this case, some can be emersed with more than just finding success. Sometimes, a legacy is all that matters.

For Triple H, his legacy seems to be all that matters to him. He seems to not like the role he had in the Attitude Era--that of a third banana behind Steve Austin and The Rock. 

And before those two mega-stars retired, Triple H had a fine legacy--one of the greats of his time, albeit not the top dog.  But once "The Game" became the lone star in 2004 on the WWE's "A-show" Raw, he seemed to have visions of becoming the next Ric Flair.

That's when the title reigns began piling up.

Everyone remembers the strangle hold he had over the World Heavyweight Title, from it's inception through 2005, when he finally seemed to be passing the torch to Batista.

Oh, how wrong we were.

We all know what happened after that--he took time to have a feud with his mentor, Flair.  Then he goofed around and had a run with his Degeneration-X buddy, Shawn Michaels.

And after winning the WWE Title, and then losing it the same night at No Mercy 2007 to Randy Orton, it seemed as if The Game was just padding his championship resume.  His recent title win and run should be seen as the same.

He will no doubt drop the title, regain it and so on until he closes in on Ric Flair's 16 World Title runs.

It's a shame, because Triple H has the power to make the new stars the WWE desperately needs; the kind of stars that fueled the victory over WCW.

He could make Orton into the elite heel into the company, but whenever these two seem to work together, it ends with Randy looking weak and Triple H victorious.  What does Triple H really have to gain at this point?

He could feud with Kennedy and either turn heel to push him as a face or job to a heel Kennedy to put him into elite status.

He could elevate Jericho to the status he deserves; not left to be a star in the mid-card.

The possibilities are endless for Triple H.  He could make so many people bigger, but he won't because he's too concerned with his own legacy.  Little does he know, his legacy won't be "12 time (or however many he ends up with) World Champion, all-time great Triple H". 

No, his legacy will be "refused to put anyone over, cared only about the number of title runs he had, backstage politicker."

Little does he know, his vision of a legacy will keep him out of Austin and The Rock's class.