IDP Wednesday: Week 8

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IDP Wednesday:  Week 8
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By: Justin Curry (10/28/2009)

IDP Wednesday is dedicated to the stepchildren of the Fantasy Football world - The Individual Defensive Players. It's broken up into the following six parts:

1. Go and Get 'Em - This section is dedicated to players you should think about for the rest of the way.
2. The Favorable & Formidable Fives - This section lists the five best and worst teams allowing points to the DL, LB and DB positions this year.
3. Bye-Week Fillers - This section is dedicated to the players who may not be great, but should have a solid, if not spectacular week because of the situation they're in this week.
4. IDP Opportunity - The average NFL game has 125 plays (average for one team is 62 offensive plays and 63 defensive plays). This section illustrates the top and bottom five teams that are above and below that average for both offense and defense showing you which IDP players are getting more opportunities to pad their stats.
5. Playoff Considerations - This section is devoted to what you need to be thinking about with the playoffs coming up.
6. IDP Injury Considerations - This section is devoted to who's out and who you should get as a replacement.

Hope you enjoy and please keep in mind that for the purposes of this article, I am excluding the top 20 linebackers, top 15 defensive backs and top 10 defensive linemen as I'm assuming that they are already on someone's team.

Go and Get 'Em


Previous Recommendations I Still Like:

Andre Carter, Elvis Dumervil, James Hall (hurt), Jimmy Wilkerson

This Week:

1. Jason Taylor (Miami Dolphins - DE) - Well, it's kind of a slow week when it comes to the DL position, but I'm going to try. Jason Taylor is the first recommendation. Thus far this season, he's averaging 2 solo tackles, 1 assist and 1 sack. Last week, he had 3 solo tackles, 2 assists and 2 sacks. If you have Andre Carter or Jimmy Wilkerson and need a guy, he should fill in nicely as he gets the Jets this week who are the third most favorable team for him to play at his position. Hopefully this week Sanchez will be a little more worried about Mr. Taylor and little less worried about eating that hot dog for you if you decide to play him.

2. Anthony Hargrove (New Orleans Saints - DT) - When Sedrick Ellis found himself on the sidelines with a knee injury, Hargrove made the most of his opportunity and ended the day with 4 solo tackles and 2 sacks. In comes Atlanta. Though they are usually pretty good at protecting Matt Ryan, last week was a disaster for them in Dallas, so the tide might be turning. If Ellis misses some time, Hargrove could be a very nice play for a little while.


Previous Recommendations I Still Like:

Eric Barton, Keith Brooking (downgrade as Bobby Carpenter replaces him on 3rd downs now), Keith Bulluck, Brian Cushing, Andra Davis, Keith Ellison, Larry Foote, David Hawthorne, LeRoy Hill, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Thomas Howard, Calvin Pace, Mike Peterson, Paul Posluszney, Stephen Tulloch, Will Witherspoon

This Week:

1. Calvin Pace (New York Jets - OLB) - This is someone I mentioned last week (IDP Wednesday - Week 7 ). If you took my advice, picked him up and put him in along with my Will Witherspoon recommendation ahead of him, you probably found yourself with the two highest producers in all of IDP last week. Let's keep this quick, you're welcome, now lets move on and keep this train rollin', freinds. Pace finished last week with 6 solo tackles, 1 assist, 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 1 pass deflection. Bye-bye, Kris Jenkins. Hello, Pro-Bowl! Since returning from suspension, Pace is now averaging 6 solo tackles, 1 sack and a little less than 1 forced fumble a game. No matter what scoring format your IDP league has, you need to get this man until he starts to slow down.

2. Tim Dobbins (San Diego Chargers - ILB) - Filling in for Kevin Burnett who was injured and not having to compete with Stephen Cooper for tackles who was also on the sidelines, Dobbins found himself having a monster day. When it was finished, he had 11 solo tackles, 1 interception and 1 pass deflection. With Burnett more than likely out again this week, Dobbins should have another good one against Oakland. Don't expect him to have 11 solo tackles again this week, however, as Stephen Cooper should be back in action to take some of those tackles away from him.

3. Bye-Week Linebackers (Cincinnati, Kansas City, New England, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington) - By Week 7, many fantasy football teams who are struggling are just trying to win this week. When this happens, there judgement starts to get clouded and they will sometimes do things irrationally. If someone in your league becomes desperate and drops one of these guys because they need space to fill their roster and win vs. worrying about keeping someone good on a bye, grab these guys faster than DeSean Jackson can get by a linebacker from Washington on a reverse. In order of who you should get first - London Fletcher, James Harrison, Barrett Ruud, Jerod Mayo.

Other LB Notes:

1. Hunter Hillenmeyer (Chicago Bears - SLB) - Hillenmeyer returned last week, but is now playing SLB.
2. Justin Durant (Jacksonville Jaguars - MLB) - Should be ready to go after his bye this week. No word yet on if he'll play this week, though, so make sure to stay updated on his status.
3. Ricky Brown (Oakland Raiders - SLB) - John Alston replaced Brown last week.
4. Will Witherspoon (Philadelphia Eagles - MLB) - Now the new MLB for Philadelphia and had a monster game against the Redskins this past week.
5. Kaluka Maiava (Cleveland Browns - ILB) - Maiava seems to be the guy that is taking over for D'Qwell Jackson, but I still think Eric Barton is the best long term option there.
6. David Hawthorne (Seattle Seahawks - MLB) - Potential stud is taking over for Lofa Tatupu this week. Either stash him on your bench or monitor what he does this week.
7. LeRoy Hill (Seattle Seahawks - WLB) - The tackle machine comes back this week. Monitor Hawthorne, but if he struggles, Hill will be the one you want in Seattle long term.


Previous Recommendations I Still Like:

Jordan Babineaux, Atari Bigby, Tyvon Branch, C.C. Brown, Mike Brown, Nate Clements, Erik Coleman, Reed Doughty, Louis Delmas, Abram Elam, Chris Harris, Sabby Piscitelli, Bernard Pollard, Bob Sanders, Donte Whitner (Injured)/George Wilson

This Week:

1. Thomas DeCoud (Atlanta Falcons - FS) - Simply put, if you've watched the Falcons play this year, you've noticed him because he has been everywhere making plays. If you take out the first game of this year, DeCoud is averaging 5 solo tackles, 1 assist, 1 pass deflection and has a sack and 2 interceptions. If your DBs aren't producing these kinds of numbers, DeCoud is the DB for you.

2. Michael Lewis (San Francisco 49ers - SS) - According to him, he's going to play this week. If that's the case, you might want to pick him up as he's proven in the past he can be a Top 10 DB. He's had a lot of injury problems this year and is one concussion away from being shutdown for the year, but he still has the potential to be very good for the second half of the season if that doesn't happen.

3. Gerald Sensabaugh (Dallas Cowboys - SS) - Though very good, Sensabaugh has been flying under the radar because of the game he was hurt in Denver and the game he missed in Kansas City. If you take out those two games, he's averaging 4 solo tackles, 2 assists and a pass deflection. Though those aren't great numbers, I think they will improve over the second half of the season and he's someone to monitor at the very least.

Other DB Notes:

1. Antoine Winfield (Minnesota Vikings - CB) - Out Indefinitely - Benny Sapp did alright, but not great in his absence.
2. Roy Williams (Cincinnati Bengals - SS) - Bye this week, but should be back after that.

Favorable & Formidable Fives

Favorable (Ordered w/ Best Team to Play First)


1 Green Bay Miami New York Jets

2 Miami Jacksonville
New Orleans

3 New York Jets
Cincinnati Dallas

4 Buffalo New Orleans

5 Seattle New England
NY Giants

Formidable (Ordered w/ Worst Team to Play First)

1 Denver Dallas San Francisco
2 Dallas Tampa Bay
3 Cincinnati Green Bay
4 Atlanta Baltimore Philadelphia
5 Indianapolis Seattle Green Bay

Bye-Week Fillers (Good for This Week)

Byes Week 8: Cincinnati, Kansas City, New England, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington

Thus far this year, if you take out the bye-week recommendations that were benched after my original Wednesday posting (2 players) and players that were injured in the first half and didn't return (2 players), here are my averages for each position so far:

Using My Preferred IDP Scoring System

Solo Assists Sack Int FF PD
2 1 4 4 3 2

Avg. Return for Bye-Week Filler Positions I've Recommended

Position Point Total That Week
LB 16
DB 14
DL 7

Week 8 Recommendations


1. Jason Taylor (Miami Dolphins - DE) - Taylor should see a lot of opportunities against a Jets team that has been very susceptible to opposing DEs this year.

2. Kyle Vanden Bosch (Tennessee Titans - DE) - If he's ever going to be the Vanden Bosch of old, this is the week he will do it. He will be facing the Jaguars who are the overall number two team in league when considering points given up to a DE. Put him in...I am.


1. Daryl Smith (Jacksonville Jaguars - ILB) - He had 6 solo tackles against Tennessee when he played them earlier in the year. With Justin Durant still not 100% healthy, I think those numbers should increase and he should have a very good day.

2. Will Witherspoon (Philadelphia Eagles - MLB) - Though it won't be as good as last week, he should continue to be hot with the New York Giants coming into town. Placing in the Top 10 this year, the Giants are one of the better teams in the league for your MLB to play.

3. Nick Roach (Chicago Bears - MLB or SLB) - Roach has been very productive in place of Brian Urlacher this year. With them playing Cleveland this week, that trend should continue even if Hillenmeyer is now at MLB.


1. George Wilson (Buffalo Bills - SS) - If Whitner and Scott can't go again this week, keep riding this gravy train like I have been. Over the last four weeks, Wilson is averaging 7 solo tackles, 2 assists, has 2 sacks, 2 interceptions and 2 pass deflections. Houston comes in this week and though they are average at awarding safeties points, Wilson should still be solid if he plays. Obviously, monitor the Whitner and Scott statuses closely, though. If either plays, they will replace Wilson and he will be on the bench.

2. Thomas DeCoud (Atlanta Falcons - FS) - As I mentioned earlier, DeCoud has been everywhere making plays this year for the Falcons. With them going to New Orleans and playing the Saints this week, I don't see this trend ending at least for one more week.

3. Jordan Babineaux (Seattle Seahawks - FS) - With Seattle coming in to play the Cowboys and the Cowboys finding a real threat in Miles Austin, Babineaux should be racking up the tackles all day. Put him in with confidence.

IDP Opportunity

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, these four charts are to illustrate which players are actually getting more opportunities to fill up their stat sheet just because they are on a certain team.

Offensively, what can be gained from these first two charts along with the 'Favorable & Formidable Fives' section is that you want your safeties to go up against New England, New Orleans and Seattle. You want your linebackers to go up against Cleveland, New England, Miami and Indianapolis. If you have a DB going up against Oakland, bench him.

As far as the defensive play portion (bottom two charts), if one of your IDPers plays on Buffalo, Cleveland or Oakland, this is primarily why they've been doing so well. If one of your IDPers plays for Miami or Carolina and his name isn't Thomas Davis, this is primarily why he hasn't. Please adjust your rosters accordingly.

Most Amount of Offensive Plays per Game Avg. (League Avg. is 62.5)

Team Avg. Pass Run
New England 70 41 28
Miami 68 30 36
New Orleans 68 33 34
Seattle 66 38 26
New York Giants 66 32 32

Least Amount of Offensive Plays per Game Avg. (League Avg. is 62.5)

Team Avg. Pass Run
Oakland 54 26 26
San Francisco 57 30 24
Washington 59 32 24
Chicago 59 35 22
Cleveland 59 30 26

Most Amount of Defensive Plays per Game Avg. (League Avg. is 62.7)

Team Avg. Pass Run
Buffalo 70 35 33
Cleveland 69 33 35
Oakland 68 29 37
St. Louis 65 32 32
Kansas City 64 33 30

Least Amount of Defensive Plays per Game Avg. (League Avg. is 62.7)

Team Avg. Pass Run
Miami 56 30 23
Carolina 58 25 30
Denver 60 32 24
Baltimore 60 31 26
Detroit 60 33 24

Playoff Considerations

Well, the plan was to come up with this awesome little chart that told you who had the best/worst fantasy playoff SOS (Strength of Schedule) for this year, but the Fantasy Football Librarian recommended the site below by and how do you beat perfection?'s SOS Application

Not quite sure the methodology behind it and would like to see it broken out into DE, ILB, OLB, SS, FS & CB, but I have a feeling those will be coming in the future. With that said, seriously, is there a better SOS fantasy football tool on the web?! If there is, I haven't found it yet.

IDP Injury Considerations

Player Pos Return You Want
Hunter Hillenmeyer MLB Returned Last Week
Gerald Sensabaugh SS Returned Last Week
Bob Sanders SS Returned Last Week
Leroy Hill WLB Back This Week
Thomas Davis LB Back This Week
Cortland Finnegan CB Might Return This Week Elsewhere
Donte Whitner FS Might Return This Week Jairus Byrd
Roy Williams SS Might Return Next Week Chinendum Ndukwe
Bryan Scott SS Might Return This Week George Wilson
Nick Harper CB Out Until Week 11 to 13 Elsewhere
Ricky Brown SLB Out Indefinitely John Alston
Justin Durant MLB Out Indefinitely Elsewhere
Michael Lewis SS Might Return This Week Reggie Smith
Kris Jenkins NT Out Indefinitely Elsewhere
Omar Gaither MLB Out Indefinitely Will Witherspoon
James Hall DE Out Indefinitely Chris Long
Scott Fujita LB Out Indefinitely Troy Evans
Pisa Tinoisama SLB Out Indefinitely Nick Roach
Antoine Winfield CB Out Indefinitely Benny Sapp
Patrick Kerney DE Out Indefinitely Elsewhere
Albert Haynesworth DT Out Indefinitely Elsewhere
Brian Urlacher MLB Out Rest of Season Nick Roach
Jermaine Phillips FS Out Rest of Season Sabby Piscitelli
Daniel Bullocks FS Out Rest of Season Louis Delmas
Kenny Phillips SS Out Rest of Season C.C. Brown
Michael Boley WLB Out Rest of Season Chase Blackburn
Antwan Odom DE Out Rest of Season Michael Johnson
Lofa Tatupu MLB Out Rest of Season David Hawthorne
D'Qwell Jackson ILB Out Rest of Season Kaluka Maiava
Will Allen CB Out Rest of Season Elsewhere


Remember to Bookmark or Favorite us and check back every Wednesday around noon for new insightful posts on who to get for your IDP leagues this year. We'll be here all season to answer any of your questions (click the link in the top right corner) and help your teams any way we can to a championship.

-Justin Curry

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