Michigan Football Mailbag Question: Who Will Be the Starting QB?

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IJune 6, 2008

Hey Guys,

I read on the boards that some think that Feagin will come in and be the starting QB? How can he come in and beat Threet? Also, does it depend on what offense Coach Rod really runs and did we really see what he wants to do in the fall as we saw in this spring?

Why are people down on Threet? Because he can't be Pat White? I thought we did not want that or thought that Coach Rod offense is/was flexible? If Feagin starts, does that mean we will see WV offense?

Thanks for the question Dan. I would be suprised if Feagin comes in and starts day one. That is an awful lot to expect of a true freshman, just as many people put all that pressure on another true freshman in Ryan Mallett.

Threet having a full spring of coaching and experience under his belt is a major plus on his behalf. I do not think people are down on Threet—they just either saw what Eroc and myself saw, or read accounts of what Michigan/Coach Rod and staff were trying to accomplish this spring.

I think the flexible offense is more wishful thinking by some fans who are concerned that Michigan will become predominantly a running team. I saw nothing this spring that led me to believe that Coach Rod and staff have any other intentions but being a read option team.

That is what they practiced, and what they use in scrimmage and spring game. Threet most definitely surprised us with his running. Not a Pat White by any stretch of the imagination, but not John Navarre either.

Why the people see Feagin starting (IMO) it is two things:

First, the kid ran this offense, or a very similar version in high school, and second, he has a better skill set than Threet to make Quarterback read option work.

The great thing about the game of football is that all these types of issues will be decided on the field.

I can say with some confidence that Coach Rod and staff will go with the Quarterback who gives Michigan the best chance of winning.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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