Did HBO 24/7 Add a Fudge Factor to the First Episode of Pacquiao-Cotto?

Angelito GarciaContributor IOctober 25, 2009

In the first episode aired by HBO's 24/7 series on Pacquiao-Cotto, there was a brief scene where Pacman is shown giving Roach the eye as if to belittle the latter.

It's funny, there has been a spate of reports coming out of Baguio about perceived problems within the Pacman team, between one team member vs. another.

To open the soap opera series, first off, it was Pacquio vs. Roach, then Koncz vs. Roach, then Buboy Fernandez vs. Koncz, followed by Ariza vs. Koncz highlighted by a stomach-crunching punching scene (yet there was no published mug shot of Koncz to prove facial injuries sustained in the alleged mauling, have you wondered about that, at all?).

And, finally, back to Pacquio vs. Roach's alleged disagreements, to punctuate the series and consummate the soap opera-like cycle.

I am almost sure this lovely cycle will be repeated several times over. Surely, I am waiting, though not very personally enthusiastic about it, but certainly realistic about its great likelihood, for a report on a duel between mother Pacquiao and wife Pacman.

Will there be a reporter valiant enough who will step up to cover this titanic event and endure its wayward missiles and after-shocks? Step up, brave soldiers and garner your red badge of courage.

It will be the fight that will be the mother of all wars, if not the fight for the ages.

Hold your breath, fans, the writers and guerrilla reporters will not hesitate to whip out the scribe's potent gun and milk up those crazy bandwagons.

Their imaginative story-telling will surely make for a great soap opera in the days of our entertainment-seeking lives.

As a fan, especially since I have vested interest in this coming fight, being a born-there Filipino living in this wonderfully boxing-crazed America, I am almost beside myself enjoying this insane hoopla, night after day and day after night.

I am tickled to death, I can tell you that. Thank you to HBO and all of you, funny and crazy journalists. Oh, thank you, Bleacher Report, you can be my sounding board!

Of course, many, if not every one of those reports, are seemingly contrived. Or, at best, they are simply false perceptions from on-the-scene and behind-the-scenes journalists and boxing analysts, that are mostly well-meaning, with or without tinted glasses; a few others are plainly malicious, we can bet on that.

Even Roach himself is a central cog in this funny, hype-driven machine. Roach, let the buyers beware, will do everything legit to play games with the Cotto psyche.

Therefore, watch out, fans. There might be more reports and news regarding a quarrel between Pacman and Roach, coming out soon.

Analyze the source, its' integrity, and timing. Judge for yourself and what to make of it. And don't forget to LOL. It's good medicine. If you can burp too, so be it.

And, very importantly, watch out for subtle fudge factors beneath the text, video clips, and sound bytes, in their wake.

HBO, as great as it has been in its 24/7 coverages, is not immune to fudging certain mini-parts of its segments in order to dramatize a point or two and thereby increase its show's sales and entertainment value and/or its, sometimes necessarily, controversy-creating ripple effects.

In accounting, fudging is a dangerous skill that has sent many to prison. A one-cent fudging could translate easily up to a thousand dollars or more, if repeated many times over. Do the math.

THE IRS is a mighty expert in catching fudges. It has at least three years of window of opportunity to perform auditing on anyone.

In mathematics, a math teacher deducts points for a student's failure to round off answers according to the requested accuracy. I do it every day. I am a math and physics professor.

In missile trajectory, an incorrect rounding to the gazillionth degree could end up hitting an unintended target, killing innocent people in the process.

So much for fudging examples...

Let's go back to the HBO's fudging effort. Well, it's all about entertainment. Maybe, it is just HBO editors trying to jack up a little drama. Not that Pacquiao-Cotto is lacking in that department.

HBO is, well, greedy for entertainment's sake. It will snatch up the slightest opportunity to put its product on the high pedestal of zany entertainment. I can't say I don't like HBO for it. Far from it.

Certainly, however, in that aforementioned sequence, HBO did a poor job editing those scenes. Was it intentional? Or was it just plain lack of education with the quaint Filipino body language?

A Filipino usually opens his eyes wide out to implore up on something, trivial or major. Or express amazement, even shock, over something. That's almost a universal character trait, regardless of one's culture.

But when the Filipino squints his eyes in, as small as they are to begin with, he maybe angry or making an emphatic point. Sometimes, he maybe expressing an inward pain.

Therefore, for a Filipino, his squinted eyes could speak out an emotion more seriously than that suggested by wide-open ones; the latter was exemplifed in that HBO segment. I would say HBO does not yet fully understand the nuances and subtleties of the Filipino facial language and perhaps, his culture.

But super congrats to HBO for another great episode. Can't blame them for their unfamiliarity with native Filipino body and facial expressions.  

Pacman does adore Roach, no doubt about it. The admiration seems to be mutual, at least up to this point. When many personalities around Pacman had tried to dump Roach, it was Roach himself who stepped forward and candidly stated publicly that it was Pacman who literally and forcefully stood by him.

For one, Pacman flatly rejected Koncz's idea of saving $1 million off Roach's salary by dumping him.

That's loyalty. And strong character.

Can't blame HBO too much for spicing up a contrived mini-controversy. After all, they are in the entertainment business.

As to Pacman dissing Roach in that little segment, nothing is farther from the truth regarding disrespect. There is no feud between Roach and Pacman. Disagreements yes, but no quarreling as yet.

Also, the Pacman took ONE WHOLE day off of training to leave Baguio to spend ONE WHOLE day trekking down with some team members in flood-stricken areas in Luzon to help out with relief efforts for flood victims. In fact, Roach was against it and did not go down with him. HBO may have failed to point that out.

Perhaps, it will do so in another segment.

How far will this  brouhaha over smoke coming out of Pacman's training camp be regarded as gospel truth?

Let's give HBO the benefit of the doubt.


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