Smackdown: Bound For Greatness 3!

anonymous guyCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2009

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the long awaited third episode of Smackdown! I hope you all have been reading both Raw and ECW because the stories that have been happening there are just too amazing!

For Raw please direct yourself to Greg Bush’s profile.

For ECW please visit the profile of Juan.

Now that all of the shout-outs are out of the way, let’s get Smackdown started!

The beginning of the show opened with a recap of what happened last week. Then the usual theme and video plays and the pyro go off as we are welcomed by J.R. and Todd Grisham.

J.R.: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of Smackdown! I’m good Ole J.R. Jim Ross and I’m joined by my partner in crime, Todd Grisham and folks what a main event we have tonight!

Todd: That’s right ladies and gentlemen as Kane takes on the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk!

J.R.: That’s not all folks as John Morrison takes on Dolph Ziggler in a non title match up! Plus tonight we will hear from Mr. McMahon and our new General Manager Shane McMahon about the King Of The Ring Tournament at Bragging Rights in two weeks! Grish, I can’t wait!

All of a sudden Drew McIntyre’s theme hits and he comes down to the ring with The Hart Dynasty.

Roberts: The following match-up is a tag-team match up, on their way to the ring accompanied by DH Smith and the Women’s Champion Natalya; please welcome Drew McIntyre and Tyson Kidd!

(DH Smith is in a dress shirt and slacks while Natalya is dressed to compete.)

Drew: First off, let me acknowledge my new business partners, The Hart Dynasty! I know you are all questioning the reason behind the re-formation of The Corporation. Well it’s all simple really, what you are currently looking at is greatness! Mr. McMahon realized that old-school is dead and the new generation is finally upon us.

The Undertaker, Kane, and Matt Hardy are the past of the WWE. They love to continue and stick around take up all the lime light when younger, more deserving talent such as myself and the rest of the Corporation. They need to understand that they are past their prime and wasting all of your time. Well, if you had lives, they are wasting your time.

The WWE now belongs to us the new Corporation. I don’t care if you all like it or dislike it, but we are the future of this damned company! You are all jealous of great talent. You cheer for half steppers like Hardy and beg to see more of Kane, but you all fail to realize that we work our damnedest to get where we are today, but you want to cheer for The Undertaker?!

Screw the WWE Universe and screw the WWE Hall Of Famers! We hate each and every one of you! Steve Austin, screw you! Rock, screw you! Mankind, screw you! Big Show, screw you! Chris Jericho, screw you! Bret Hart…

(The Hart Dynasty all came and grabbed the microphone from McIntyre.)


(They all begin to start laughing and all of a sudden, Matt Hardy’s theme hits!)

Hardy: Oh my gosh, would all of you please shut the hell up! This is why I hate everything that you punks represent. You come out here and disrespect all of us veteran superstars and all of the Hall of famers, but you all forget one simple thing: WE BUSTED OUR ASSES JUST TO OPEN DOORS FOR ALL OF YOU! YOU SHOULD ALL BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT WE DONE FOR YOU!

Cryme Tyme, are thankful. My very good friend John Morrison is thankful. But you guys, you guys can go straight to hell!

(All of a sudden Cryme Tyme theme hits and they both come out dancing.)

Grudge Match:

Tag Team Match:

The Corporation (Tyson Kidd and Drew McIntyre) w/ DH Smith and Natalya vs Matt Hardy and JTG w/ Shad Gaspard

The bell rings as the match begins. Both JTG and Drew decide to start the match-up off. Both men lock up with Drew getting the better of the two. JTG bounces Drew off of the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. JTG bounces off of the ropes and hops over Drew. Drew quickly gets up to his feet and catches JTG with a huge knee shot to the sternum.

Drew then quickly locks in a chin lock. The ref begins to check on JTG. JTG slowly begins to show his strength and starts to slowly pull Drew’s hands away from his face. They both slowly rise to their feet and Drew kicks JTG in the sternum. Drew then tries to go for a right handed punch, but JTG blocks the hit and throws a hellacious right handed shot to the face of Drew (which was sold extremely well).

Drew tries to throw another shot, but JTG ducks it and bounces off of the ropes and hits a huge spinning elbow shot to the head of Drew. The crowd becomes ignited! JTG then goes and gets Drew up to his feet and throws him into the corner. JTG runs over and clotheslines Drew hard into the corner. Drew staggers out of the corner and JTG delivers an amazing two handed facebuster!

JTG then looks at the crowd and bounces off of the ropes and does his money elbow drop. He goes for the cover, 1..2.. Drew kicks out. JTG grabs Drew by his arm and begins to drag him towards Hardy. Hardy tags himself in and delivers a hard kick to the sternum of Drew. Hardy then goes for a very aggressive looking cover, 1..2.. Kidd breaks up the pin attempt.

Hardy slowly gets up to his feet and gets into the face of Kidd while the ref tries desperately to separate them.  As soon as Hardy turns around, Drew delivers a big time running knee shot to the head of Hardy. Drew then gets Hardy up to his feet and locks him in a front face lock while Kidd tags himself in. Kidd delivers three hard punches to the side of Hardy before Drew finally releases the lifeless Hardy.

Kidd drags him out of the corner and delivers two quick leg drops, he goes for the cover, 1..2.. Hardy gets his shoulder up just barely. Kidd quickly locks in a side headlock. The ref begins to check on Hardy as he slowly begins to fade away.  The crowd begins to pump Hardy up! Hardy slowly starts to regain life and makes it to his feet.

He hits two elbow shots to the stomach of Kidd and then bounces off of the ropes. When he returns to Kidd, Kidd hits him hard with a knee shot to the sternum of Hardy. He goes for a quick cover, 1..2.. Hardy kicks out again! Kidd gets frustrated and gets into the face of the referee.  When he turns to Hardy, Hardy quickly rolls him up, 1..2..

Kidd kicks out and quickly gets back up to his feet and stomps on the downed Hardy. Kidd drags Hardy by his left leg into the corner and tags in Drew. Drew comes in and drops a huge knee on to the forehead of Hardy, he goes for the cover, 1..2..

Hardy kicks out and Drew tags Kidd back in. They get Hardy up to his feet and deliver a big-time double suplex. Kidd goes for the cover, 1..2.. Kidd lifts Hardy’s shoulder off of the mat! Kidd then gets up and begins to viciously stomp on the body of Hardy. He then gets Hardy up to his feet and throws him into an empty corner.

Kidd then taunts the live crowd as the rest of The Corporation (Drew, Smith, and Natalya) applauds his efforts. He then refocuses on Hardy and charges right for him, but Hardy quickly moves out of the way. Kidd’s shoulder smacks the steel post and Hardy gets the hot tag to JTG! JTG runs over and knocks Drew off of the apron.

He then waits for Kidd to slowly turn around, he then hits him with a hard running ddt. He goes for the cover, but Smith climbs the apron and distracts the ref. Hardy gets into the ring and gets into the face of Smith. Drew gets back into the ring and charges for Hardy, but Hardy delivers a huge back body drop causing Drew to knock Smith off of the apron.

When both Drew and Smith get up to their feet, Hardy vaults himself over the top rope and lands a big time splash on both men. The ref goes to the outside and checks on all the downed men. JTG gets up and looks at all the carnage on the outside of the ring. He then gets Drew up to his feet and kicks him hard in the sternum and hits the Shout Out!

But out of nowhere, Mike Knox comes and hits Shad with the ring bell. He then gets into the ring and delivers a big time bicycle kick to the face of JTG! He then gets him up and hits his signature inverted STO on JTG! He then gets Kidd and drags him onto JTG for the cover. Natalya alerts to the ref to count the cover in the ring.

The ref quickly slides in, 1-2-3! It’s over and The Corporation has again outsmarted Matt Hardy and Cryme Tyme!

We cut to commercial.

(We return and the camera cuts to Shane and Vince in Shane’s office.)

Shane: See dad, now that’s what you call money! I knew it dad, you’re always right; I knew when you told me that Smackdown needs to go Corporate that it would work like a charm.

Vince: I know. Ha-ha! I can’t wait to see the look on Taker’s face when I make this announcement tonight! Ha! It’s one for the books Shane! 

Shane: It’s going to be priceless to see Cryme Tyme’s faces when they find out that they’ve been traded to Monday Night Raw as of tonight.

(All of a sudden, Jericho enters.)

Jericho: Vince I have a b…

Vince: Watch your damn mouth when you speak to me! It’s Mr. McMahon to you!

Jericho: Sorry sir, but I’ve noticed that I’m not on the list for the King Of The Ring Tournament, but that masked hypocritical ingrate Rey Mysterio is in? How dare you degrade me in that manner? Do you even have a damn clue of who I am?

 I’m the only man in WWE History to have ever beat both Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night to become the first ever WWE Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

 I’m the 2008 Superstar of the Year, a onetime Slammy Award winner, a nine time Intercontinental Champion,  a five time World Heavyweight Champion, and I’m your current Unified Tag Team Champion. All that, I did on my own. I don’t require help from any one. I need no one.

Who better to place in the King Of The Ring, but me? As a matter of fact, I know that you two desperately want Smackdown to have that King Of The Ring crown, but maybe, just maybe you want to just give the crown away to the other brand. You…

Vince: You’ve got one more time to disrespect me by speaking to me like that, before I personally kick your ass out of my company! One more time Jericho and you’re FIRED!

 If I remember correctly, didn’t Rey Mysterio beat you 1-2-3 last week?! And you’re mad because you’re not in the tournament?! Ha, you are just as much of a hypocrite as he is.

I’ll tell you what, you want to fight next Sunday, well here it is, this Sunday, in that very ring… It’s going to be You and the Big Show versus The Hart Dynasty and any tag team Raw decides on.

 If you and Show win, I will let you fight whoever is the final winner in the King Of The Ring Tournament, but if you lose, not only do you lose those titles, but you must place the crown on the new King Of The Ring and you also must bow down to him.

If you choose not to, then hmm… Shane what do you think should happen?!

 Shane: Well Jericho since this is my show, if you disobey these orders, then you’re FIRED and you may never return to the WWE!

(Jericho looks extremely saddened as he slowly backs out of the office. We cut to commercial.)

We return with Justin Roberts inside the ring.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WWE Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon.

(Out comes Vince with Mike Knox. They both slowly make their way to the ring.)

Vince: Thank you Roberts, now get the hell out of my ring, NOW! Now let’s get down to business shall we? First of all let’s hear it for Tyson Kidd and Drew McIntyre’s impressive victory over Matt Hardy and JTG! Now onto next Sunday at Bragging Rights.

As you all know that next Sunday at the Bragging Rights PPV, that Chris Jericho and The Big Show will face The Corporate Dynasty (Tyson Kidd and DH Smith) and any team of Raw’s choosing. Also at the PPV we will have the 2009 King Of The Ring Tournament featuring the best from Smackdown versus the best from ECW and the best from Raw.

But the most important part about Bragging Rights is the main event. Oh yeah I’m going to give you all a titanic World Title match! In this very ring… CM Punk will defend his World Heavyweight Championship Title against the one and only deadman, The Undertaker! It’s going to be in a no holds barred match-up with a special guest referee.

(Vince points at the entry way. All of a sudden out comes Shane McMahon dancing and hopping around in a referee shirt. As soon as he gets into the ring, he points at his shirt and Vince hugs him. The crowd booes big time.)

And I have another idea for that match as well, I will be the Special Guest Time Keeper as well! So Taker good luck pal, because you’re desperately going to need it.

(All of a sudden the gong sound fills the arena and the lights go out. When they come back on, Taker has both Shane and Vince’s throats in his hands and Mike Knox is laid out.)

He lifts them both up and delivers a hellacious double chokeslam!

Undertaker: I don’t need luck because my minions and I will stalk you in the night and make sure that you don’t make it to Bragging Rights! I guarantee you that CM Punk will fall come next Sunday! I am going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion. And I will personally take you all to hell! Punk, at Bragging Rights, I’m taking your soul and you will finally Rest…In…Peace!

(The Undertaker’s theme hits as the arena fills itself with eerie mist and the dark blue lighting of the Deadman as we cut to commercial.)

 We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: The following contest is a King Of The Ring Qualification Match, introducing first, representing the Corporation, Mike Knox!

(Knox is still a little dazed after The Undertaker attacked him earlier.)

And his opponent all the way from Belfast, Ireland Finlay!

King Of The Ring Qualifiers:

Singles Match:

Finlay vs Mike Knox

The bell rings and just as Finlay advances towards Mike Knox, Knox clotheslines the hell out of him! Finlay goes down hard and slowly rolls out of the ring. Knox staggers back into a corner and begins to nurse his wounds as the ref begins to count out Finlay.

Finlay slides back into the ring just as the ref gets to 6. Knox has made it to his feet by now, but he’s still favoring the back of his head. He covers the downed Finlay, 1.. Finlay quickly kicks out and Knox locks in a reverse bearhug on Finlay while he’s still sitting on the mat.

The ref begins to check on Finlay who seems to be fading quickly. The crowd begins to rally behind the Irish brawler. Finlay makes it up to his feet very slowly and begins to deliver elbow shots to the head of Knox. Just as Finlay tries to deliver one more, Knox lifts him up and lands a surprisingly good looking german suplex!

He goes for the cover, 1..2.. Finlay’s leg is on the bottom rope. Knox then gets up and begins to deliver a continuous amount of elbow drops across the chest of Finlay. After the third elbow drop, Knox locked in the reverse bearhug again and begins to squeeze the life out of Finlay and the ref begins to check on him again.

Finlay is quickly fading and Knox just squeezes tighter. Knox finally releases the hold and hits a huge knee drop into the sternum of Finlay. He goes for the cover again this time hooking both legs, 1..2.. Finlay kicks out again and Knox looks pissed. Knox gets Finlay up to his feet and throws him into the corner.

Knox charges forward and hits a huge splash in the corner and Finlay stumbles out spaghetti legged. Knox wraps his arms around Finlay and locks in a bearhug. Just as Finlay looks to be completely out, Knox delivers a huge belly to belly suplex.  Finlay screams in agony. Knox backs into a corner and waits for Finlay to get up to his feet.

Finlay still favoring his midsection and barely able to stand, turns to Knox and Knox charges at him and delivers a sickening big boot to the face of Finlay that sounded like a gun-shot! Knox then signals for the matchup to be over. He gets Finlay up to his feet and hits his signature inverted STO! He covers Finlay, 1-2-3! It’s over and Knox has qualified for the King Of The Ring Tournament.

The Smackdown side has:

1. Rey Mysterio (defeated Chris Jericho last week.)

2. Mike Knox (defeated Finlay this week.)

3. ???  (will qualify next week.)

We cut to commercial.

We return with Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: The following match-up is scheduled for one-fall and it is for the no.1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship Title. The rules state that if John Morrison wins tonight, he will be next in line for an Intercontinental Title Shot, but if Dolph Ziggler wins, he will get to hand-pick on who is going to be his contender.

 Introducing first from Los Angeles, California John Morrison!

(John Morrison comes out to an enormous pop! When he gets into the ring you can see how over-whelmed he is by the fans. All of a sudden Dolph Ziggler’s theme hits.)

No.1 Contender’s Match:

Singles Match:

Dolph Ziggler © vs John Morrison

Before the bell rings Ziggler looks at the crowd and then stares back at Morrison. Ziggler then begins to walk back up the ramp. Morrison gets out of the ring and runs up the ramp to catch Ziggler. Morrison hits Ziggler hard with a club blow to the back of the head. Morrison then begins to stomp the downed Ziggler viciously.

Morrison then gets Ziggler up and throws him hard into the steel barricade! Morrison then panders to the crowd. Morrison then runs and tries to deliver his signature knee shot to the face of Ziggler, but Ziggler quickly moves out of the way causing Morrison’s knee to slap the steel barricade. Ziggler then grabs Morrison and hits a big time ddt onto the steel ramp.

Ziggler then slowly gets up to his feet catching his breath. He grabs Morrison by the right leg and begins to drag Morrison to the ring. Ziggler then gets the lifeless Morrison and rolls him into the ring. He slides in and quickly covers Morrison, 1..2.. Morrison kicks out! Ziggler looks pissed and yells at the ref. Just as Morrison gets on all fours, Ziggler runs and kicks him hard in the sternum.

Ziggler gets Morrison and bounces him off of the ropes. When Morrison returns, Ziggler delivers a quick drop toe hold and Morrison bounces neck first against the top rope and backs right into a big time “Zig-Zag”! Ziggler goes for the cover, 1..2.. Ziggler raises Morrison’s arm up off of the mat. He begins to look at one of the corners.

Ziggler then pulls Morrison’s body towards the corner. Ziggler then looks at the crowd and yells, “this is how it’s done!” Ziggler climbs up to the top rope and tries to deliver a huge Kurt Angle like moonsault, but Morrison rolls out of the way.

Morrison slowly gets to his feet and springboards off of the second rope and connects hard with the “Flying Chuck”. Ziggler goes down perfectly in position. Morrison springboards off of the top turnbuckle and hits the “Starship Pain”! He covers Ziggler, 1-2-3! It’s all over and Morrison quickly escapes through the crowd as McIntyre and The Hart Dynasty all comes rushing to the ring.

 The camera shows Ziggler in the ring throwing a fit while his fellow members are staring holes into the victorious John Morrison. We cut to commercial.

(We return with Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon in Shane’s office.)

Vince: That damned deadman! He makes me sick to my damned stomach! I just want to… to .. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Shane: Dad, dad, calm down okay? Now listen I have a plan, I…

(All of a sudden someone comes storming in…)

???: It is in your best interest that you really have a great plan…

(The camera then zooms out to show that World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk had just stormed in.)

Punk: …because I’ll be damned if what happened to Ziggler tonight ends up happening to me. By the way, what is your freaking problem putting me in a one-on-one match against that freak of nature Kane? I’m the Straight-Edged World Heavyweight Champion and I have a huge main event match in two weeks at Bragging Rights with this drugged up Halloween addict Taker, and you put me in the ring against Kane!? What in the hell is your issue Shane?

Vince: Yeah Shane, what’s the reason you put him against Kane tonight?! I want answers dammit!

Shane: Whoa pops, calm down… like I said I have a plan, just hear me out. Punk, you have Taker at Bragging Rights, right? So who better to warm you up for your match than his brother, Kane?

Punk: What?! That doesn’t sound like a plan to me. You…

(The camera pans back to see Punk is staring at an empty shot glass and an alcoholic beverage on Shane’s desk.)

You’ve been drinking this crap haven’t you?!

Shane: N…


Shane: Screw the damn drink Punk, focus!

(Shane begins talking as the camera cuts away to Kane walking backstage on his way to the ring. We cut to commercial.)

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: This bout is scheduled for one fall.

(BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Kane’s pyro goes off without warning as he comes out to an amazing pop.)

And his opponent… He is the only Straight Edged World Heavyweight Champion in WWE History, CM Punk!

(All of a sudden Vince McMahon’s theme hits as he and Shane both come out.)

Shane: As I was just discussing with my wonderful dad, this match up right here right now, is now considered no holds barred! Not only is it no holds barred, but it is a six-on-one handicap match! Oh yeah and by the way Kane, if your brother the deadman himself, the Undertaker decides to make his presence known, hell if anyone other than me or my dad gets involved in this match, then they are FIRED from the WWE INDEFINENTLY! So have fun Kane, come on out boys!

(All of a sudden, CM Punk’s theme hits and the entire Corporation led by CM Punk slowly make their ways to the ring to some MASSIVE HEAT!!!)

Grudge Match:

Six-on-One Handicap Match:

The Corporation (CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Mike Knox, Drew McIntyre, Tyson Kidd, and DH Smith) vs Kane

All men surround the ring with Kane standing directly in the middle staring right at the McMahons as they taunt him (Vince takes off his jacket as Shane holds him back pleading him not to fight in a sarcastic manner).

(All of a sudden a huge amount of pyro goes off and flames have engulfed the stage as the McMahons escape to the back.)

Ziggler and Kidd grabs chairs, Knox gets a steel chain, Smith pulls out brass knuckles, and McIntyre gets a Singapore cane. Punk just holds his title staring at Kane saying, “The Undertaker can’t save you now!” Everybody quickly enters the ring as Punk just watches on from ringside.

They all begin maliciously attacking Kane with their weapons, but Kane begins to fight back! But the numbers game is just too much for him to overcome. Knox wraps the chain around Kane’s neck and pulls back while Smith is wailing on his face with the brass knuckles. McIntyre is beating the chest and sternum area of Kane with the cane (no pun intended). Knox finally releases the lifeless monster as he falls to the mat bleeding terribly!

Ziggler locks Kane’s neck inside of a steel chair. He then begins to viciously stomp on the chair as Kane begins coughing up more and more blood. Kidd then stops Ziggler and begins to beat Kane’s legs with the chair! He then locks Kane’s leg inside the chair and gets a lead pipe. He begins beating Kane’s left leg badly! Kidd and Ziggler remove their respective chairs.

Kidd then locks in the Sharpshooter while Smith locks in a camel clutch and Kane looks to be knocked out completely! Punk looks around at the crowd and slowly takes off his shirt. He drops his title and slowly goes up the steel stairs one by one. (The crowd booes become even more deafening.) Punk then slowly, but surely gets into the ring.

He looks at all his men one by one and then looks down at Kane. Punk yells something at Knox and Smith. Both men get Kane up. They throw him to Punk who then lifts his lifeless body up into the air and hits a despicable and sickening GTS!

Punk puts one foot on Kane’s chest and Knox forces the ref to count the pin attempt. 1-2-3! It’s all done and Punk slowly moves his foot off of Kane’s chest. Punk then reaches down and wipes Kane’s face. Punk then rubs the blood on his own face and chest. He then smiles as all men come together and raise each other’s hands in victory.

Punk’s theme plays and an eerie feeling fills the arena. The lights go out for about four minutes. When they come back on Kane’s body is nowhere to be found. All of a sudden the gong sounds and then the druid theme plays as the druids bring out a casket. CM Punk and the Corporation don’t know what to make of it.

All of a sudden, the entire stage explodes into flames as Kane’s very first WWE theme plays as the casket burns. CM Punk falls to his knees and watches on in horror as Smackdown closes.

Thanks for reading and I’m so sorry for the delay.



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