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ErocWolverineSenior Writer IJune 5, 2008

Hi Eroc,

I enjoy everything you and CoachBt do and especially look forward to the newsletter e-mail I get. My question and I’m not sure you can help me but since I’m handicapped I’d like to come to AA and see what all is being done. is that possible to get around and see by a wheelchair? I have someone who can bring me and I’d like to come by in the next 2 weeks. Also will any of the camps be open to the public? If so I’d love to try and make one of those. i totally understand if they are not though.
Thanks for the question. You can see some of the things around campus. The football renovations are a little harder to see at some points. There are several key spots that you can see. First go by Crisler Arena by the ticket door side (if you don't know where that is that is on the "Stadium boulevard side). You might actually have to go near the entrance of the stadium (by the pillars) to be able to go by Crisler. If you take that around the backside of the building towards the football tunnel entrance you will be able to be up in the air quite a bit and be able to see the renovations from an elevated position. It will run out and there will be a gated fence that is above the Junge recruiting center.

I am not sure the best place to park. You might have to park across the street by pioneer or the Nextel building if you can. You will be able to see the press box side pretty well from the Nextel building and also if you go towards the press box there is an AAA building where you could park at as well and see the renovations very well.

To be honest they have a blue tarp around the whole place so it is hard to see spots no matter what, but if your not that far away I would say go for it. It might be a little bit of a hassle, but very worth seeing the progress first hand. Also just to drive around the stadium several times really slow is always good as well.

There are areas that they don't really want you parking if you don't have a pass, but usually they aren’t that bad especially if your not there long and depending on what time your there as well.

To see the field house there is a spot to see the progress and that is by the field hockey area (parking lot for Crisler) goes as far back as you can and see it. Also drive by Schembechler hall. Sometimes down one of those side streets you can find a parking spot and be able to move around to get a better feel for how massive the building is.

Also it is nice to be able to be around Ann Arbor and see all the changes going on.

Hope you decide to give it a go and have a great time.
The camps are not open to the public ... usually only coaches, players, etc... Also like the football camps usually only high school coaches and players.

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