Duke Recruiting: Harrison Barnes Visits but Is Taking His Time with the Verdict

Mike KlineAnalyst IOctober 23, 2009

Duke fans' rejoicing Friday morning following the commitment of point guard Kyrie Irving have a quick turn around before their attention turns to another top recruit this weekend.

Harrison Barnes the Ames, Iowa standout forward is taking his official visit to Duke and many have speculated that Irving’s decision could sway Barnes'.

But fans hoping for a quick commitment better not hold their breath.

Ask any Duke fan and they will tell you Barnes is the prototypical Duke player. After all, he has a great head on his shoulders, mature beyond his years with a clean-cut image.

He has been compared to Grant Hill one of the greatest forwards to ever play at Duke.

His work ethic, I have a feeling, will reach legendary status very quickly. On his trip to Kansas, he turned down a lunch to get a workout in instead of being "wined and dined."

Doesn't sound like a kid who has let his star status get to his head.

So in a time when recruits are often unpredictable, Barnes has kept a business like demeanor throughout the whole process.

I don't expect Barnes, who has been so methodical about his recruitment to abruptly just choose a school with an official visit to UCLA still to go.

And I can't fault him one bit. Who wouldn't want to go out to LA for a weekend of nice weather this time of year.

But in all seriousness, Barnes won't be swayed by just the pomp and circumstance that comes with an official visit.

Duke is hoping the longevity of their involvement and relationship with Barnes will win out in the end.

With Duke landing Irving the fans naturally are hoping that the momentum will carry over to this weekend's visit from Barnes.

But again don't expect him to just say, "I'm coming to Duke."

He will take his time and weigh his decision and in the end make the choice that works best for him.

Irving summed it up best.

When asked yesterday during his commitment announcement what he would say to Barnes to potentially sway him to come to Duke, Irving acknowledged that while the two are close friends, Barnes is his own man and he will leave the recruitment up to the Duke staff.

As fans we can't help but admire a kid like this and regardless of his choice should watch and appreciate his immense talent for years to come.