Sparty Don't Pinch

IowaHawkBlog .comContributor IOctober 21, 2009

Yes, we are back by popular demand.  The Squawker and I have been a little busy and maybe a little lazy but we are back.  I would like to thank the hundreds of you that have emailed us your support and you are welcome for those picks last bowl season.  The Squawker and I put in a nice little parlay that bought daddy a little Panasonic Plasma number.  But I digress.

Our Hawkeyes are teetering on top of the world of college football.  I feel like I am dreaming.  Can it really be true? After the years of suffering (2005 -2007) the Iowa Hawkeyes are officially back.  Iowa has the second longest winning streak in the nation at 11 straight.  Iowa is ranked #6 in the BCS just a hair behind Cincinnati and the Boise State juggernaut.  Iowa will surely pass these two teams due to strength of schedule and they will garner more respect from the voters as the Hawkeyes continue to win. Then all Iowa needs is a Texas loss and we are in the big show against the mighty SEC.

Ahh, the wild musings of a Hawkeye fan.  I realize Iowa has a lot of winning to do but rest assured, it will continue this week as the Iowa Hawkeyes travel to East Lansing to meet the under achieving (what a surprise) Michigan State Spartans.  The Iowa Hawkeyes are favored by a point.  The chatter coming out of Sparta is just like every other team we have played.  You hear things like, “Iowa is not an elite team” or “The Hawkeye defense is just not that good, Cousins will shred them”.  I really like Cousin’s as a QB but he is going up against one of the best secondaries in the nation.  Michigan State will struggle to run and will be forced to throw.  That is when Iowa’s defensive line starts putting the hurt on Cousins and forcing bad decisions. 

On the other side, Michigan State’s weakness appears to be their secondary and that plays right into Iowa’s strength, the opportunistic passing game.  Sparty has given up 1651 passing yards in 7 contests and has yielded only 4 picks.  To put that in perspective, Iowa leads the nation with 15 ints and lowly Illinois has 3 picks.

I refuse to wake up from this wonderful dream. The Hawkeye dream of a National Championship will not die this weekend.  Iowa has not blown anyone out since they visited Ames.  Look for the Hawkeyes to pick up a few of those style points that Captain Kirk says they are not trying for. 

To quote Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, “Sparty Don’t Pinch”.