Stanley Cup Finals: Was The Final Goal Marc-Andre Fleury's Fault?

Shane HouseAnalyst IJune 5, 2008

Man what a final. Literally had me on the edge of my seat till the final second, and now we have a champion in the Detroit Red Wings. They played well, and rightfully deserve the Stanley Cup in there grasps.

Not to take anything from Pittsburgh of course. They played very well and in the final three games showed quite a lot of grit I did not expect, especially from Sid the Kid. But with how good the series was, the Pens deserved a better outing then they did.

At 7:36 into the third period, Henrik Zetterberg took a snapshot and it went in between Fleury's legs and stopped short of the goal. Not knowing where the puck was he did what he has always been trained to do and fell back on the puck. But by freak nature, when he sat down the puck got pushed back and into the net before the defenseman could stop it.

At the end of the game they showed a brief clip of Fleury, and I have never seen a man so disappointed in himself, even though he stood on his head for that team. He gave it his all and now people think its his fault that goal went in. 


He did what any trained goalie would have done and tried to fall on the puck. Some people would have said he could have swatted backwards or something, but he did the right thing. Any trained goalie in the butterfly style would do exactly what he did. So don't blame him for losing.

But I will tell you why they lost.

Pittsburgh is an inexperienced club.

Minus Gary Roberts and Sergei Gonchar, almost every player on that team had only one round of playoff experience before this year. As well as they played they didn't have the experience to go all the way, to put it simply.

But still, Pittsburgh played very well and deserved a better exit, even though the fans gave a good final farewell for the year. (May I say as well how classy and respectful they were after Detroit won as well.)

But mark my words, Pittsburgh will be back next year with a grittier Sidney Crosby and a Marc-Andre Fleury that will have a chip on his shoulder with something to "prove" as well.