Do Stats Lie? A Look Back at My First 100 Articles

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 5, 2008

In the five and a half months that I have been a member of Bleacher Report, I have enjoyed some success.

I have 32 fans who (I think) enjoy my writing and insight.  I have 62,779 article reads, which averages out to about 634 reads per article through my first 99 articles.

I have received 879 comments, which is just under nine comments per article.  I have 25 different Pick of the Day votes as well as three articles that actually won Pick of the Day.

I've become a Chicago Bulls Community Leader, am among the top writers for the NBA, NFL, and Humor sections, and rank 11th on the B/R as a whole.

But what do these numbers mean in the context of what I have written, and, as in sports, do these numbers lie and am I just a few lucky articles with a load of crap.

I have an Oakland Raiders draft article that has 6885 reads and 85 comments.  I also struck the LeBron James hysteria while the iron was hot, recieving 2077 reads and 80 comments.

That is nearly 9,000 reads and 165 comments that came in two articles alone.

I inspire so much hate among Oakland Raiders fans, that I have had one threaten to take the Bulls jersey right off my back, and another have their account deleted because of the rude things he said about me.  (I'm talking to you Raider Steve)

Then again, some of the articles I write that I feel are extremely well written get very few reads at all.

I know that there is nothing that B/R can do to change that, but it is still frustrating that something you feel is so good just sits there unnoticed.

But on to the good times, and some of my favorite articles that I feel deserve a second show.

I started my B/R career with a little article saying that the Giants should play their starters against the Pats in Week 17.  I was then told the Giants shouldn't, but was proved right on Super Bowl Sunday.

Soon after, I pleaded for D-1A to make a playoff system similar to D-1AA, and I was met with approval.

I've helped the state of California thank the bitter city of Chicago for all the help that they have received.

I watched Brett Favre retire, and gave him my own little Chicago Perspective on the great quarterback.

I did a first edition of the best young writers, and then, just like Britney Spears, oops did it again.

I nicknamed the Top 5 Draft picks, and asked how to make soccer more popular (just an update, I'm enjoying some Thursday Night Soccer now)

I've even started to try my hand at some more humor, wondering if God roots for the Cubs, and shining light on a recent police incident with Rasheed Wallace.

However, only two things have been really eating at me through these 100 articles.  First, I can never spell the word receive right without spell check, and second, I am still waiting for that "More Statistics" button to start working.

All in all, it has been a fun 100 articles, and I look forward to writing 100 more.

I'm Joe W.