Out of Bounds: Week 06 Picks, Kick Rocks, Rush Limbaugh.

Rahsaan HuntContributor IOctober 18, 2009

jcooke_rushlimbaugh1The chairman of the St. Loius Blues, Dave Checketts, has decided to drop controversial, conservative republican radio show host, Rush Limbaugh, from a group of investors hoping to buy stock in ownership of the St. Louis Rams. Of course, in classic form, Limbaugh responded to his dismissal from the bid.

Ever since word of Limbaugh’s interest in buying part of the Rams’ franchise came out, people have been giving their opinions from left and right.

While there were those, who supported Limbaugh’s bid such as the very opinionated, and boisterous, Stephen A. Smith:

There were others, such as Jason Whitlock of Foxsports.com, who can always find a way to throw Hip-Hop under the bus, continued on his “Joan of Arc” type crusade against Hip-Hop while explaining how Limbaugh’s involvement, with the purchasing of the St. Louis Rams is as bad of an idea as letting  Emmitt Smith speak on your NFL pre-game show.

Apparently Foxsports.com has taken down Whitlock’s article. I wonder who was behind that move? The “man” is in full effect when you try to take down one of their own. But fear not, I have it posted on my blog in case you wanna read it. Not gonna let the “man” keep me down!!! Fight the Power!!! Now excuse me while I check to see if my phone is tapped.

You also had DeMaurice Smith, the head of the NFL Player’s Union, and the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson voice their opinions about the situation as well.

Current players, ex-players, and just about everyone under the sun had an opinion about rush Limbaugh’s bid.

First off, the NFL is still feeling the sting from the comments Limbaugh made about Donovan McNabb:

So you already know that Roger Goodell had it in the back of his head that it wasn’t going down with Limbaugh and ownership. No sir.

Now let’s be for real people, if really you thought that NFL was going to let Limbaugh be an owner of a team in the NFL, you’re out of your ever loving mind and I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you for $.10.

The NFL has suffered enough bad press within the past few years, so the last thing they need is a controversial owner to “accidentally” say the wrong thing, at the wrong time, for the wrong response to take place. Let’s say Limbaugh did gain partial ownership of the Rams. The minute something went wrong, all eyes would be on him because we would be waiting to see what he had to say. Not a good look when your owner becomes the focal point of the team, because it works so well in Dallas and Washington.

You can’t blame Limbaugh for taking an interest in bidding for ownership. Hell, if you had the money you would. And to be honest, all of these players who said they wouldn’t play for him are straight up lying. I respect the fact that for some of the players in the NFL, this was their “black fisted glove at the 1968 Olympics” moment with their opinions about Limbaugh. But C’mon Son, who you kidding? Some of them would play for the Klu Klux Klan if the price was right. But as the saying goes, “image is everything” and his image projects controversy and controversy is the last thing the NFL needs in the eve of Michael Vick and Donte’ Stallworth, to say the least.

Plus, you have to ask yourself this, why buy the Rams? They stink. They’re terrible. How much of a return would you really get when your team is next in line to go defeated for the season. If you ask me, everyone won in this situation. Rush isn’t associated with a team that could probably lose to a Pop Warner team, and the Rams aren’t associated with a partial owner whose opinions would make them the laughing stock of the league and keep players away like they have the plague. Oh wait…it’s like that now in St. Louis. Rush, trust me, you won.

Now that I got that off of my chest, here are my picks for Week 6 in the NFL.

Sunday, 10/18/09, 1pm

Houston TexansTexans (2-3) @ Cincinatti BengalsBengals (4-1), My Pick: Cincinatti Bengals

Detroit LionsLions (1-4) @ Green Bay PackersPackers (2-2), My Pick: Green Bay Packers

Baltimore RavensRavens (3-2) @ Minnesota VikingsVikings (5-0), My Pick: Minnesota Vikings

New York GiantsGiants (5-0) @ New Orlean SaintsSaints (4-0), My Pick: New York Giants

Clevland Browns(1-4) Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers(3-2): My Pick Pittsburgh Steelers

Carolina PanthersPanthers (1-3) @ Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuccaneers (0-5), My Pick: Carolina Panthers

Kansas City ChiefsChiefs (0-5) @ Washington RedskinsRedskins (2-3), My Pick: Washington Redskins

St. Louis RamsRams (0-5) @ Jacksonville JaguarsJaguars (2-3), My Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, 10/18/09, 4pm

Arizona CardinalsCardinals (2-2) @ Seattle SeahawksSeahawks (2-3), My Pick: Arizona Cardinals

Philadelphia EaglesEagles (3-1) @ Oakland RaidersRaiders (1-4), My Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Tennessee TitansTitans (0-5) @ New England PatriotsPatriots (3-2), My Pick: New England Patriots

Buffalo BillsBills (1-4) @ New York JetsJets (3-2), My Pick: New York Jets

Sunday Night Football, 10/18/09, 8:20pm

Chicago BearsBears (3-1) @ Atlanta FalconsFalcons (3-1), My Pick: Atlanta Falcons

Monday Night Football, 10/19/09, 8:30pm

Denver BroncosBroncos (5-0) @ San Diego ChargersChargers (2-2), My Pick: San Diego Chargers

Bye week teams: Dallas CowboysCowboys, Indianapolis ColtsColts, Miami DolphinsDolphins, San Francisco 49ers49ers

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