Hudson Will Wear Green NOT Red (Claws)

Gino's JungleContributor IOctober 15, 2009

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

The title, and assumption that Hudson will be on the NBA roster is a pretty bold statement. It leaves me open to being wrong. I'll take my chances with the way Lester Hudson has been performing lately. He is showing that same scrapiness Big Baby did when he was fighting for his role on the team. He's busting it every time he touches that floor in the game - playing like it may be his only shot. This guy would give it his all for the team this season, and isn't that what Celtic Pride is all about? If you missed his story you gotta check it out to understand him: "Lester Hudson -  'I'd come that far. I wasn't going to give up.'"

I think he is of worth to this team in the regular season. He is more valuable than the 4th quarter jv squad that takes the floor as all the fans file out of the building. No one really thought our 58th draft pick could be our backup PG. It doesn't matter where you go in the draft, you have to prove yourself. But you especially have to prove your worth if 29 other teams decided to pass you up for 57 other players. Hasn't he done that yet? Here's a rundown of his averages: Minutes- 15.5 / FG%- 40% / PPG- 6 / SPG- 1 and he is improving as the games go on. I can live with those numbers for a guy coming in for 5-7 minutes per game. Sure he makes some rookie mistakes, but so doesn't Rondo.

Hudson can buy Pierce some minutes. Hudson at the 3 spot? No... Marquis at the 3 spot instead of being point guard. That was what everyone wanted. The only problem was they thought the team was going to have to go out and find a vet. PG. This way everyone can play through their normal position. Eddie, Ray, and PP all need that. If you have the three of them helping to bring the ball up, it limits the good looks they can get on their own. When Hudson comes through in the regular season, this team will be much better off. Atleast better off than the assumption that the whole year we would have to find a way to bring the ball up somehow when Rondo was on the bench.