WWE Better Book Team Raw To Destroy Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights!

Patrick SchoemehlContributor IOctober 15, 2009

i am going to tell you today why wwe better book team raw to tottally dismantel smackdown once and for all. I know right know people are saying that smackdown is the main show and it might be but the way they booked this Raw vs Smackdown match is horrible.  Lets break this thing down so i can show you that raw will destroy and if wwe has them losre thats a big mistake.




Big Show

Mark Henry

Cody Rhodes

Kofi Kingston



Chris Jericho



Cryme Tyme

that escobar guy

and someone to be named. (edge anyone)

Well if you look at this now it looks like what sould be an easy vicory for raw if they book it right.

lets see dx can take down cryme tyme.

Show can take out Jericho

Henry can take out Kane

Kofi can take ziggler to the limit

and swagger takes escobar

also rhodes would take whoever

i am just saying if you match this up raw looks so massive while smackdown looks tiny and shit so if wwe does this right the should have raw go over!!

what do you guys think let me know please read and comment and feel free to shoot me a msg.

again thatnks for reading!